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We apprehend the demand of the customers by providing them with world-class IT and digital marketing software solutions. Glancesys technology is constantly working towards providing mobile app development services and technical assistance to clients all over the world. We implement best selling practices to give our clientele the finest experience and assurance. We aspire to create an indefectible and effortless app development system that aids to exceptional customer satisfaction.

E-Commerce Development

Fulfill your every eCommerce development need with Glancesys. We deliver the most secure, versatile, and scalable website solutions for improving online shopping experiences. With our solutions, you can achieve infinite possibilities to innovate, develop, and expand your businesses. We deliver unmatched solutions by crafting the latest technologies and innovative eCommerce needs with our expertise in delivering in-demand solutions.


Our highly dedicated and expert team of software developers aims to provide you with world-class software solutions focusing on the developed mechanism, innovative approaches to mark your presence in the online dynamics.web architecture and web improvement organization in India and all over the world conveying the best web advancement administrations to make custom-tailored sites, web applications, web-instruments, and so on to worldwide organizations and new businesses with 100% task conveyance.

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Principles Creative Studio

Principles, LLC is a US-based branding firm that specializes in sophisticated virtual designs. We are a team of award-winning designers and developers that understand what can make or break a brand, giving importance to first impressions and visual aesthetics, giving you the power to bring your vision to life. Featured in several publications, invited to multiple podcasts, and servicing clients in over 20 industries - we can make your branding dreams come true. Click below and see for yourself.

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The Designers Studio

The Designers studio aims to provide inspirational, career-focused education in interior design in the context of a new and broader way of thinking about the real value of design. We believe in a creative and open-minded approach to teaching, meaning that students can expect to be encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their projects. Opportunities for students to work closely with the wider community and contributions on closely related topics such as art, architecture, psychology and philosophy are included in our programmes wherever possible.

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Randrax Inc. Is a US based premier manufacturer and supplier. Therefore, products are fairly priced, and we want to keep it that way. To prevent price gouging, we carefully screen our inquiries and are not publishing our prices on this website. They have sold high-quality products successfully in Europe and other countries, where they have had much better success in preventing the spread of the Corona virus. The company maintains R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Pennsylvania, where they work around the clock to achieve their high product quality.

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The KA Collection

The KA Collection an online shopping experience that provides high quality apparel to plus sized women, with sizes ranging from XL to 5X. The KA Collection was created by K.A. herself. A plus size gal with an old soul and a love for even older music. You know, like somewhere between '72 and '95. She wanted to birth something that resembled who she was,and who those closest to her have always known her to be. Dope, classy, funny,stylish and musically in tune. Our pieces will prepare you for a day on the town or a hectic day at the office. Literally, The BEST of BOTH worlds.

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infodeal is the right platform for you, where you can come seeking advice on what new technologies you should be investing in and what smartphone brand you should be bringing home.Our network of technology news publications attracts a targeted audience of buyers and information seekers who require timely technology-inclined reviews and well-grounded analysis. Based on thorough analyzing we pick out the best reviews and construct the greatest technology blogs for you to feed your information-thirsty brains.

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Hinoda Trading Co. Ltd is one of the fastest growing global exporter and supplier of used and new machines or vehicles having its head office located in the city of Osaka, Japan. We offer and supply wide range of Japanese used vehicles from sedans to trucks, buses to tractors, heavy equipment to earth moving machines, wheel loaders to dump trucks, forklift to hydraulic excavator, crawler cranes to rough terrain cranes, farming equipment to industrial machines, injection molding machines to asphalt plants and above all we are one of the pioneers in supplying spare parts.

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Being a one-stop local search engine in India, we have capitulated to bridge the gap between local business providers and consumers all across the country. We pledge to understand every detail of our user needs, thereby matching it to the right service professionals. With vast know-how of different industries, and having an experience in connecting many local businesses with the right customers, Haarway is pioneering India's online business community.. Whether it’s a search related to home, life or self, we have earned a reputation for connecting the consumers with reputed...

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We serve clients across various sectors and magnitudes. Our multi-dimensional and functional software solutions are inspired and visionary, leading to organizational success. We hold professional authenticity and integrity in our relationships with our choicest clientele.


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I’ve had an amazing experience with Glansys tech with Shweta leading the team. Firstly she got to my inquiry by actually specifically answering my questions and suggesting improvements rather than talking at me. She walked me through the process and created a user friendly experience for my website (where you learn interior design). She also developed a complex back end portal for me. All other web people haven’t been able to help me at all. I’ve recommended her to everyone.

Anam Clarke


FB Ad creations and management - I have worked with this company several times. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Will work with them again.

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GlanceSys adopts modern and effective coding practices, leading to high quality code. The platform Gshrm delivered came with an extensive testing framework. Gshrm Technology adopts modern and effective coding practices, leading to high quality code. The platform Gshrm delivered came with an extensive testing framework.

Javed syed Waqas


Very happy with their service. We hired them for a logo design and landing page. They deliver what they promise and more.. Thanks for your excellent job !

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April 13th, 2022

Top DevOps Tools For 2022

According to the survey of Dynatrace DevOps of 2021, DevOps techniques shorten the development process time by 98% and reduce the production rate by 93% to give customer satisfaction.

Atlassian DevOps survey 2021 has found that 99% of respondents have confirmed that this methodology has a positive impact on their organization.

These reports are impressive. However, you will require the right set of tools along with IT professionals to deliver the best project so far. As there are plenty of DevOps tools available in the digital world, however, Glancesys has picked the top DevOps tools that will help you to enhance performance and collaboration.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps technique is the combination of the right set of tools, cultural philosophies, and practices, to improve quality, speed, security, scalability, and reliability. DevOps practices are a continuous communication process, easy collaboration, smoother integration, and transparency between the software development process (Dev) and operations (Ops).

This methodology follows a vertical flow, where all the development and operation phases progressively merge. The process has a few phases, which include product requirement and design followed by writing and collecting the code. The written codes are then sent to the testing department so that the operations team can run and upload the code to a ready product.

In other words, DevOps is an important part of the development process to understand the product in a better way, optimize it, and run the project successfully the one go. The process focuses on reducing the cost of development and maintenance. Applying the DevOps method, developers can easily identify the bugs and respond to them as soon as possible.

Top DevOps Tools For 2022

An agile software development methodology using the DevOps technique will help developers and operations departments to work very fast and effectively develop, test, deploy, monitor, and maintain the products. The success of implementation depends upon the integrated solutions or usage of a toolset that avoids the manual programming process. This process helps to reduce errors and increase flexibility. Here's the list of top DevOps tools for 2022 which you can consider.

Ansible: Configuration Management Tool

Ansible is known as the configuration management tool, which was created by Michael DeHaan in 2012, and since then it has become one of the most popular tools. It is used for automation processes and collaboration. It helps to automate processes for development, testing, deployment, performance handling, and accelerate productivity. 

Ansible tools make the whole software life cycle easy and automated. It is a lightweight and easy to learn yet very powerful tool with a simplified architecture.

Key Features
  • Agentless
  • Simple Structure
  • Task delegation
  • Multi-tier app development
  • Written in Python

Slack: Communication and Collaboration

Slack was created by Stewart Butterfield in 2013 and it has become one of the most popular communication platforms to date. It is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform, which can manage any size of team with unlimited channels. 

The best advantage of Slack is that it can easily integrate with other business tools and can connect to applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, MailChimp, GitHub, Zendesk, and other messaging apps. The main motive is to build a workflow in an organization and automate all the processes, which includes routine actions.

Key Features
  • Real-time messaging
  • Integration over 2,200
  • Archiving and Searching
  • Suitable for all

Docker: Container Platforms

Docker was created by Solomon Hykes in 2013 and since then it has become the most standard container platform. When it comes to container platforms, Docker always leads in the list. 

Docker is a platform that allows developers to build, run, deliver, and manage applications. It allows running multiple containers on a single host machine. Also, it reduces the coding time and runtime of the application. As it is a lightweight container it helps you to manage and deliver your applications on the server. 

Key Features
  • Huge Community
  • Lightweight
  • Portability
  • Cross-platform
  • Security

Nagios: Continuous Monitoring

Nagios is an open-source continuous monitoring tool for your infrastructure and system. It was created in 2002, and now it is maintained by a group of developers. The tool monitors the database, network, server, and applications. It is widely used by the IT operations team for correcting and offering solutions to IT-related issues before they put the whole team at risk. 

Nagios also monitors hardware (including switches and routers) and can solve potential issues before affecting the end-users.  

Key Features
  • Network traffic monitoring
  • Agentless & Agent-based monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Overview of performance
  • 5K+ Addons

Jira: Issue and Project Tracking

Jira is an issue tracking tool, which was created by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar in 2002 and is owned by Atlassian. It is the first choice for bug tracking and fixing during the deployment process. It is a versatile platform that supports project management through the entire DevOps lifecycle. 

Jira platform offers a common dashboard where your team can report progress, assign & view tasks, and track issues and performance. It offers ready workflows and custom ones as per the project needs and layouts. 

Key Features
  • Extended functionality
  • Multitasking and roadmaps
  • High level of customization
  • Custom Workflows
  • Performance Measurement

Splunk: Configuration Management Tool

Splunk is a commercial software tool that brings a great analytical solution with functional understanding that offers operational perception to the DevOps team. It allows its users to monitor, analyze, search, visualize, and report machine-generated data. This means you can build samples and tables: sort, filter, make alerts, and build dashboards. 

As per the user’s requirement, they can also personalize the application. The tool also offers comparison logs produced from different sources like devices, applications, and websites that belong to the organization to detect errors.

Key Features
  • Machine data ingestion
  • Automated incident response
  • Real-time analysis
  • Visualization
  • Reporting

GitHub: Version Control

GitHub is a Git-based version control system and collaboration platform for storing a product's source code. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2018 and was introduced in 2008. Sometimes, it is called a social network for developers, as it allows the developers to store and share their code regardless of their geographical locations. 

With GitHub, developers can create multiple parallel branches for selected repositories, track changes, contribute to projects, and exchange experiences with other developers. As a result, it is considered one of the most effective DevOps tools.

Key Features
  • Mobile Support
  • Project Collaboration
  • Trending Projects
  • Built-in code review
  • High level of security

Bitbucket: Source Control Management

Bitbucket is a source control management platform, which is similar to GitHub, built for IT professionals. It is owned by Atlassian. The tool offers free private repositories for up to five people for small teams and gives an option to scale up for a reasonable price. 

Apart from Git code management, Bitbucket is designed as a virtual workspace for project strategy, collaborating code, testing, and deploying with built-in continuous delivery.

Key Features
  • Code review
  • Customizable user access
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Merge checks

Jenkins: CI/CD

Jenkins was developed by Kohsuke Kawaguchi in 2011 and since then it is one of the leading CI/CD tools along with GitLab. Many software giants use this tool, such as IBM, Deloitte, and Accenture for automation testing. 

Jenkins is an open-source automation server tool that is used for executing and repeating different functions in an organization. The platform offers hundreds of add-ons and plugins to support developing, automating, and delivering any project across multiple platforms.

Key Features
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Scalability
  • Plugins
  • Excellent documentation

Selenium: Testing

Selenium is one of the most popular and the best-automated testing DevOps tools. It is specially designed to support automation testing across various browsers (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox). It offers parallel testing so that other tests run at the same time, which saves time for the testing process.

Key Features
  • Ease of use
  • Support multiple browsers and device types 
  • Open-source approach 
  • Parallel testing 
  • Uses fewer resources

Final Note:

All the above-mentioned DevOps tools are the most popular and most used today. Each of them has its unique features and benefits, which makes them crucial for an organization to improve its DevOps processes.

If you are looking for DevOps tools to improve your workflow, then you can consider the top DevOps tools for 2022. Moreover, you can consult a DevOps service provider company that will provide information about these tools and help you out.


Server & Domain

April 13th, 2022

.COM vs Other Domains– Which Top Level Domain To Pick?

To capture users’ interest, you need to choose the best domain name and extension, which is relevant to your business and brand. Whether it is ".com", ".org", or ".in" is the main character of your online presence. From the extension, your visitors perceive your brand, even before landing on the website. 

Choosing the top-level domain (TLD) is not an easy task for any brand, and in this blog, we will guide you on how to select the best domain name and extension. We will also compare the most common domain ".com" with others so that you get an idea and pick up the best TLD.

Let's begin.

What is a Domain Name?

So, what is a domain name? Well, the domain name is the unique name that represents your website. It is the address of your website. Visitors will type the domain name first to search your brand online. It plays a huge role in the search engine rankings so that people find you easily while looking for services that your brand offers.

A domain name is divided into two parts:

The name

The extension

Take Glancesys, for example:


Here, Glancesys is the name of the website address, and ".com" is the domain extension.

Domain name and extension taken together formed the address of your website on the internet.

What is a Domain Name Extension or Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

The domain extension is known as the suffix of the main domain name or sometimes as the second-level domain. The domain extension is known as top-level domain or both are used interchangeably. 

Types of Domain Extensions

As we know what domain extension is, here are the types of domain extensions you should be aware of:

Generic Domain Extensions

Sponsored Domain Extensions

Country Code Domain Extensions

Type 1 :  Generic Domain Extensions

As the name carries the word "generic", which means universal, it means the most used extension all over the world. Yet, the most powerful extensions represent business online presence. Some of the most popular and common extensions are .com, .org, and .net.

You can easily buy any of these extensions from famous hosting websites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator.


Commercial Websites : www.xyz.com

Network : www.xyz.org

Non-Profit Organizations : www.xyz.net

Business Website : www.xyz.biz

Type 2 :  Sponsored Domain Extensions

Sponsored Domain Extensions can be used by selected organizations only. These organizations have to fulfill the terms and conditions to be a part of this extension. 

Some of the common and well-known examples of these organizations are schools, colleges, universities, and other government bodies. Only certified organizations can use these extensions, which include ".edu" and ".gov". 


Government Agency: www.xyz.gov

Education Institutions: www.xyz.edu

Type 3 :  Country Code Domain Extension

From the phrase country code, it is clear that this extension is used specifically to represent their country. Most countries have two letter extensions to represent their country code with the location of the organization.

For example, the Indian country-code extension is ".in", which most of the startups, organizations, and enterprise-level organizations use to showcase that they are based in India.

Examples :

India : www.xyz.in

Australia : www.xyz.au

What does .com mean?

The .com extension was initially introduced as an E-commerce extension. However, today, it is used as a commercial extension. Whenever you will pass through any of the .com extensions then more than half of the websites might be serving commercial purposes. 

However, due to its growing popularity, it is becoming the preferred choice for individual websites as well. For example, bloggers, personal websites, and small organizations are using it too. 

There is only one disadvantage of this extension, that is, ".com" is not easily available. Half of the time, it is already taken. So your domain name should be unique enough to get a ".com" extension.

What does .net mean?

The .net is the second most popular TLD after the .com extension. It gained popularity a few years back. It stands for "network" which is designed to focus on network-based technology websites such as email services, ISPs, and database services. It is the second choice after .com and is a widely used extension all over the world.

Many businesses move to .net when the .com extension is engaged as per their business demands. So, next time whenever .com is taken by others, you can go for the .net extension.

What does .org mean?

The .org extension was initially introduced for non-profit organizations. However, this extension is used by many other organizations which include non-profit organizations, education service providers, open-source software projects, foundations, and charities. 

There are no restrictions in using .org extensions, however, organizations using this extension are most probably to be non-commercial ones. 

What does .co mean?

The .co extension among top-level domains, which stands for "company" & "corporation". This extension is popular among online businesses. It was introduced in 2010, as the alternative to the .com extension, in case .com or .net is already taken, users can go for .co. 

The .co extension is better paired with the country code extension, for example, www.xyz.co.in or www.xyz.co.au 

What does .biz mean?

As the name suggests, the .biz extension is used to represent businesses. It is the least popular extension on the list and a cost-effective one. Though it falls under generic extension, the .biz extension is used for E-commerce and business websites. 

.Com vs Other TLD Extensions: Comparison

Is .com superior to all the extensions? Or you can go for other TLD extensions? We will help you to find the answer in this article.

Here, you will find one-on-one comparisons between .com and other domains. After going through these sections you will have a clear vision of which one is best for your brand.

.Com vs .Net: What is better?

The .com and .net extensions are both used for online business purposes. The most common difference between these two extensions is that .com is used for "commercial" and .net is used for "network" sites. 

If your business purpose is to offer networking services like forums and community sites, then you can go for the .net extension. On the other hand, if your business purpose is to offer commercial services such as E-commerce or personal blog websites, you can go for the .com extension.

It is found that less than 4% of websites use the .net extension, which means that nearly half of the domain name is registered with the .com domain extension. The .net extension is only used as an alternative when .com is unavailable. 

Most people assume that your business extension is .com. So when you reveal your business name they might land on a blank page, as they will go for .com instead of .net. 

Since .com is most common and popular, it inspires your website to gain confidence. This is something that other extensions can't do.

Final Note: The .com is the most popular and common, as compared to the .net TLD extension. If you have an option to choose between .com and .net, then you should go for the .com extension. In case, .com is not available then you can pick .net.  

.Com vs .Org: What is better?

As of now, it is clear that the .com extension is for commercial purposes. Talking about the .org extension it is used by non-profit organizations, open-source software projects, online educators, foundations, and charities. 

If you are planning for an online business, and by mistake, you go for the .org extension then you might lose all the credibility of your website. Websites with .org extension are generally associated with non-profit platforms.

If your organization is only for a non-profit division, then you can consider for .org extension which will be useful for your organization to represent your brand purpose. 

Final Note: Both the extensions are unique and represent a different meanings. So if your business is for commercial or to earn revenue purposes then you can go for .com. In case, your brand is for social service or mankind, you can go for the .org extension. 

.Com vs .Co: Which is better?

The .com and .co are rivalry extensions for business websites. 

Due to the same terminology between .com and .co extension, it becomes challenging for .co business owners to establish their business online. Mostly, users assume the .co extension as .com and they land at the wrong address. Even Google also suggests websites with .com extensions rather than .co extensions. 

The .co extension is known as the most expensive domain extension among all the extensions. This means that you can only go for the .co extension, in case the .com extension is not available. 

Final Note: Both .com and .co are useful in their possible way. However, if you have an option to choose between two, you should go for .com, otherwise, you can go for the .co extension.

.Com vs .Biz: Which is better?

An online business using the .biz extension shows that the primary objective of the website is sales. It is a good option for businesses if there is no alternative available for them. The .biz is cheaper and does not require renewals as compared to other extensions. 

Whereas, using .com gives your business authenticity and the opportunity to promote your products and services, with other activities such as news publication, blogs, forum creation, Q&A websites, etc.

Final Note: Websites with .biz extension mean they are dealing with an online business. However, it is cheaper compared to the .com extension. You can go for the .biz extension, in case .com or .net extensions are taken.

Is .com extension more trustworthy and memorable with .co, .net, org, .biz, and other domain extensions?

The research conducted by GrowthBadger in Feb 2021, shows that .com is the most trusted domain extension, followed by .co in the second place.

The research also shows that the .com extension is 33% much easier to memorize as compared to other domain extensions. 

People are 3.8 times more likely to remember .com in the end, even though the domain extension is different.

Does the Domain Extension affect SEO?

The common dream that every website owner might have is to rank their website on the top SERPs, which motivates them to aim only for TLD extensions. However, the questions arise: 

Does a website's SEO ranking depend upon a particular domain?

Do .com extensions perform better at quick ranking on search engines?

Both the question answers are no.

Your website's domain extension does not affect your SEO ranking. Even owning the most popular extension might not help you to rank at the top of the results page. 

Google has confirmed that it does not consider domain extensions in the ranking metrics.

The only way to rank your website on the search engine result page is by following SEO techniques: On-page, Off-page, and other technical SEO concepts.

So, which TLD extension is perfect for your business?

In this article, we have introduced you to all the domain extensions and compared each of them with the most popular .com extension. We have also mentioned that domain extension will not affect your SEO rankings. 

We hope that you have got better information related to domain extensions so that you can pick one as per your business needs. If you are looking for a web and mobile app development company, feel free to reach out to Glancesys Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading digital marketing service provider.


Design & Development

April 13th, 2022

Various Types Of Web Designs And Its Functions

It is a myth that the web layout of every website should be unique to satisfy the goals of the project. If you visit the most popular websites, you will notice that their layouts are almost the same. It's not because they are lazy to adopt new layouts or coincidence, it's because of these below-mentioned advantages:

  • Usable :  Open-source layouts, which can be used again and again as per the project demands. This is the reason why you see many common websites.
  • Familiar :  Users basically want to see familiar websites for their content, if they don't find familiar content they skip to other websites. As a result, you will lose your visitors. So it's better to keep layouts familiar.
  • Cost-effective :  Most used layouts or common ones always save time and money. As you have to reuse the existing layouts on your projects. With existing layouts, designers will be able to focus on other factors like visual effects and other aspects of the website.

Each website is different and requires different approaches, it's helpful to be familiar with the design and layouts. In this article, we will discuss web design and its layouts. 

What is web design?

Web design is the overall look of a website which includes its layouts, graphics, images, colors, and fonts. It gives you a feeling and an idea about the website. Though web development requires software coding and other skills, web design covers a website's user interface and experience. 

The user experience includes layouts, functionality, content, and the website's appearance.  Web designers represent the website in the most effective way, which helps users to stay on the website for a longer period. To make this happen, designers use different types of web designs and layouts depending on the functionality and usage.

Types of Web Design

Here is a list of website designs and their usage:

Single Page

As the name suggests, a Single Page website design contains only one HTML page. No about us, contact, or other features. The single-page web design can be as long as the designer wants, allowing all the details to be included in a single page, making it more continuous and fluid for the users. 

While developing a single-page web design many companies create a narrative journey to convey the information to their users. It is known as a versatile design because it can be used to sell products as well as share the company's progress news.

Single page web design is becoming hugely popular among users as well as web design companies

Dynamic Design

The dynamic website offers functionality to its users, unlike a static with only displays the information. While visiting the dynamic websites, users can interact with the content and it is possible due to the technologies used in the development process. It uses JavaScript, PHP, .NET, JQuery, etc. 

Due to its interactive nature, dynamic web design may cost a little more than compared to single-page web design. Sometimes, it may take a longer loading time, as it is created on both the client-side and server-side. A good example of a dynamic website is Google, which updates its information on the front page based on the user's queries.

Responsive Design

A responsive website design uses HTML and CSS to automatically adjust its content depending upon the devices. No matter from which platforms or devices, users are operating your website, it will shrink its web design according to it. This is the reason why it is mostly used by huge organizations and businesses to represent themselves. 

A responsive website looks good on all screens i.e. laptops, mobiles, tablets, and computers. This design is known as the modern design approach, as users can easily view and navigate the content.

Liquid Design

Liquid website design is also known as fluid design and sometimes it behaves like a responsive web design, except it does not adjust its content screen-wise. Since the units are flexible, the website will automatically adjust its content on the device, however, the good part is it does not cut any content. 

As websites are customer-centric, liquid website design can be a possible option for businesses. It is easier to set up as compared to responsive web design, whose pages represent every piece of information.

Fixed design

A fixed design, as the name, suggests that its content or components will not change no matter the size of the screen. This type of website uses a solid resolution such as fixed-width with a fixed percentage. Due to its fixed resolutions, the website will open with the exact content on every device. 

Sometimes, a fixed design website may create a problem as it requires more effort to scroll down and find out the information that users are searching for. Most website visitors are assumed to browse in 1024x768 resolution or higher in a fixed design layout.

Types of website layouts

Here are different types of website layouts, that benefit the most:

F-shape layout

The f-shape layout of a website helps users' general viewing of the content on it. Research has found that viewers normally view web content in F or E shape. Web Pages that follow eye movements in this pattern can capture visitors’ attention more naturally. 

The F-shape layout is most common for those websites, which provide a lot of information and the users have to make a quick decision after viewing it. For example news and e-commerce sites.

Z-shape layout

The Z-shape layout is a bit similar to the F-shape layout, except it targets different types of visitors. Research has found that western culture individuals navigate the sites in a Z pattern, from left to right and top to bottom. 

The Z-shape layout is mostly used when the website has a target to attract its visitors and take action, which is call-to-action (CTA). So, if your site's main target is to increase customers outreach and higher revenues, this pattern is for you.

Grid of cards layout

A grid card layout represents the content in a grid system that visitors or users can easily manipulate by adjusting the size of the screen. The most common websites that use a grid of cards layout are video streaming sites, where they have to display the videos on different options. 

In grid layout, the website divides the major regions and defines a relationship in terms of seizing, layer, and positions, between HTML primitives. Just like table grid layout enables to align of the content in columns and rows. 


The boxes layout represents a large box in a website on the header, which displays images and boxes underneath that provide information and images for visitors. Each box offers important and engaging information about the company and its work. Through these boxes, visitors can redirect to other dynamic web pages to find more information in depth. 

As the boxes certainly provide information and images, web developers mostly use this layout to display the company's portfolio and featured products.

Split screen

A split-screen layout breaks down the website content into two different sections that users can choose among. This layout is basically used by those organizations and companies that focus on two pieces of content with equal importance in their business processes.

For example, a clothing company that offers both men’s and women’s clothing might use this layout to advertise its products. Providing both options on the front page of the website will offer users to choose any as per their requirements. This also means that both the sections carry equal importance at the same time.

Fixed sidebar

The fixed sidebar layout places menu bar options from the left to right side of the website. This type of design provides easy and quick navigation to its users, allowing its visitors to explore the website more easily. 

A fixed sidebar layout is a great option for those websites that deal with fixed products and services on a large scale. For example, a smartwatches company uses a fixed sidebar design, while some sites even include about us, online store, and contact us pages.


The magazine layout design features publications industries. The layout offers a lot of information to its users by using a card grid system of columns and grids to help visitors to navigate the website more easily. 

The magazine layout design is mostly used by publications industries to find out how their content will look if they print out the content. This can be engaging and fun-loving for its users, which encourages them to read more articles and keep on exploring.

Asymmetrical layout

Asymmetry layout is known as an uneven design, which means that there is a lack of equality on both sides of the website. One side of the webpage will always be larger than the other. It is a long-time favorite design in the graphic world, and recently, it has gained popularity among designers. 

For example, companies may use the large part of the webpage to display their logo or tagline, while a smaller part is used for call-to-action asking users to subscribe to a newsletter, fill out the form, or get updates about the upcoming offers. The smaller part always encourages users to take action and get engaged with the company. 

Featured image

The featured image layout uses the primary image that represents your website, which attracts more users. Featured is normally a product image that is popular, upcoming, or the business is selling. 

Companies that sell authentic products often use this layout to catch users’ attention and encourage them to take quick action. For example, laptops and computer companies use this pattern to display their latest products.

Curated visuals

The curated visual layout is something different from website design among others. As it uses illustrated images to promote its products and services, which seems like everything has been put down in one place. Everything seems to be different yet came to the same place. 

Companies or organizations normally use a curated visual layout to convey a certain emotion to their users and feel it when they visit the website. This type of webpage can motivate the users to interact with the company and probably purchase their products and services.



April 13th, 2022

How E-shop Help You To Run Business In Covid Crisis

As per the records, the e-shop has helped many small businesses and startups to survive the Covid crisis. In fact, they have performed really well as compared to e-commerce giants. The sales through e-shops have risen up to 60% during the pandemic. 

The Covid situation has made many businesses move online and they have found a new way to survive in the industry. They have digitalized either by creating an e-shop or with the help of e-commerce giants. Creating an e-shop means your products and services are online, where every customer can avail of your services locally and globally. Customers who have internet access to your website become potential customers. 

An E-shop is a cost-effective option for both customers and you. Without an online presence, very few businesses can survive easily, however, the situation is not the same for all businesses.

If you are still not sure whether to launch your business online or not, have a look at the below-mentioned points, which might change your point of view on E-shop.


The actual cost of a website is cheaper than that of offline businesses, as the whole process of your business is automated online. Here, you will save expenses of offline promotions such as newspaper promotions, template distribution, electricity bills, rents, etc. 

Running an e-shop is much easier to expand and reach out to your customers in a short span. You cannot reach a wide range of audiences in offline business, while online business can help you to reach out to loyal customers whenever you want. For example, in email marketing, you don't cost any to send updates on your business.

E-shop is cost-effective and easy to establish. This is the reason why many businesses have moved towards getting online and learned to survive in the Covid-crisis.

Efficient Online Promotion

Online promotion is the most efficient form of marketing for your business. You can effectively inform about new arrivals, discounts, combos, branches, or wish them on special occasions. You will save your employee training amount here, as it is the most basic and easy process of any E-commerce business.

In online promotion, you not only promote particular products but also, can personalize customers’ experiences from their buying history. With the help of different online data of the customers, you can create your marketing campaigns more effective and engaging.

The products and services that you are serving in your hometown can be served globally, which has helped many small businesses to operate their business from home during the pandemic time.

Increase Your Reach

You don't need millions to attract clients to your online business. The most important part is to make your E-shop look beautiful, attractive, and useful. Either you just have to be creative or hand over the online work to a well-known organization, which will help you to increase your business reach. 

Get established online by the most basic step, which is creating a website. A website is like your brand image, which represents you. It will help you to reach a wide audience and make an online presence within a few months. To get an e-commerce store you can take the service of an e-commerce development company

Businesses have even done very well just by promoting their services through social media platforms. Social media is another effective form of online business.


E-shop businesses are very effective as they allow you to determine which of your products and services are selling out successfully. Products’ availability can be tracked before they move out of the stocks. However, these successful products will help you to develop a large range of product sales through your online presence. 

It will help you to grow your business in terms of sales, profits, and goodwill. The secret of a successful E-shop business is scaling your products so that you can bring variations in the product ranges. This will also help you to monitor your products. 

Businesses have monitored their work process online and helped them to rise and earn more profits.

Easy Navigation

Only focusing on E-Shop website design will not work, without easy navigation, it will not run successfully. Your products should be categorized so systematically that your customers find out the product as per the title, size, color, group, and many such factors. To bring more engagement to the products, you can add videos and charts explaining how to use the product and inspire the customers to buy it.

Customers should easily give and check reviews of the products. You have to be very clever about where to display the negative comments on your website.

When everyone was stuck at home, with nowhere to go, the easy navigation system of E-shop has helped them reach a wide range of audiences and deliver the products on time.

24/7 Services

E-shop means it is a 24/7 service provider, which means your customers can buy your products while you are sleeping. This will help your business to increase customers on a regular basis. 

Online shopping is the new trend and its market demand is continuously growing after the Covid crisis. It offers the customers to buy the products at a flexible hour and at their convenience. 

Actually, E-shop or online businesses, which were to be trending in 2023 got boomed 2 years prior because of the Covid crisis.

Better Customer Relationship

Businesses providing flexible services like they can buy the products from anywhere, at any time will help you to grow E-shop services. As a result, this will help to make a better relationship with the existing customers and they will be your loyal customers as well.

Once customers like your online services they will keep on returning to your business and will promote your business too. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. 

For example, Zomato has released a report in a blogpost that Biryani is the most ordered food in 2021, which means due to better customer relationship between both the restaurants and Zomato has made it happen. 

When physical touch is not available in an E-shop business, the only way to build a better customer relationship is by offering them discounts, coupons, on-time delivery, easy returns, etc. 

Less Time Consumption

E-shop businesses do not require continuous-time investments, build your website payment gateways with the help of 3rd party integration, which will help to manage the transaction process very easily. No need to keep on spying about the payment status, once orders get placed, you will get notified. 

This only helps businesses by saving time in order placement, as the main task starts after the orders are placed. The best part is that businesses get time to focus on other parts, such as trending products and how to promote the business with other tactics.

Higher ROI

E-commerce or online businesses require very less investments as compared to physical ones. Today the businesses which are not online are facing issues running them, and at the time of the Covid crisis, many businesses got shut down due to their offline functions. In fact, many small businesses and startups are starting their business online just by creating an E-shop and promoting it on social media platforms.

E-shop businesses give a high return on investments, as the internet is much cheaper than offline. You may cost a bit more if ads and campaigns get to run. Though, it gives a higher ROI.

Many businesses have earned higher than their investments when they started an online business. This is the reason why E-shop has helped businesses to run in the Covid crisis.


All of the above-mentioned components have helped businesses to survive with the help of E-shop in the Covid crisis. Many companies have raised exponentially with the introduction of an E-shop. It is the peak point for your business to upgrade before you miss out on a huge opportunity. 

If you are wondering how to bring your business to an E-shop, then it's very simple, just hire a well-known online services provider like Glancesys. Where you will get an R&D team, web designers & developers, also, digital marketers all-in-one services in one place. 

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