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What is Flutter & Its Advantages in Mobile App Development

What is Flutter & Its Advantages in Mobile App Development

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Are you wondering why you should go for Flutter for your next project? Regardless of your background, whether you are a business owner or tech head, looking for Mobile App Development services.

Because we all know that if something changes drastically along with technologies, it’s the Mobile App Development industry. The mobile industry is evolving rapidly and surprising the world by offering convenient apps for daily routines.

Imagine your business only had an Android application; what about the iOS users? There is massive pressure on organizations to develop applications for both Android and iOS users. These days users demand lite version apps with an easy interface, and the demand will increase. For such a situation, Flutter mobile app development is the solution for all businesses.

The question is why Flutter is popularly used for Mobile App Development.

So let’s first find out.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google product that was introduced in 2017 as a UI toolkit for developing cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. The framework has shockingly changed the mobile world with a very easy and convenient development process.

Flutter can create a native-like app for different platforms, like mobile, web, and desktop, from a single codebase. With Flutter, you will find no difference between native and cross-platform apps, despite its one codebase.

Why Flutter? 10 Advantages of Using Flutter Framework

Flutter is the most popular cross-platform in the mobile app development process. There is no doubt that it offers a lot of advantages to using the Flutter framework. That’s why many mobile app development service providers choose Flutter.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Flutter framework.

1. Open-Source

Flutter is an open-source and cost-free toolkit of Google. It has a vast software developer community, which means you can get quick solutions if you get stuck in the development process. Google keeps on updating issues and access to documentation from the developer forums.

It helps its community to grow along with the latest and ever-changing environment. The framework also helps to increase productivity in less time and money.

2. Single Codebase

A cross-platform framework uses a single codebase for developing different platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop. However, no other platform offers to share the same UI code rather than Flutter itself. The framework saves developers time and resources in writing different code for native apps. That’s why Flutter is in great demand.

3. Reduces Time

The hot reloading feature is one of the main benefits of using Flutter to develop cross-platform apps. This feature helps developers quickly change the software without losing the current application elements. And this hot reload feature makes Flutter faster than any other framework, which reduces development time.

4. Dart Programming Language

Flutter uses Dart programming language to create cross-platform apps. Dart is an object-oriented programming language that uses different languages’ popular features and makes the development process easier and even more convenient. Some essential features include rich standard libraries, reuse of code, flexible compilation and execution, and many others.

5. Native App-Like Features

Mobile App Developers working on Flutter get easy and fast access to various platforms, as the Flutter framework uses Dart programming language. And Dart is a simple language that can be easily compiled into the native code. Flutter improves the applications’ performance compared to other mobile app development platforms.

6. Tech Community

Flutter has a massive tech community, and it is increasing daily. Being Google’s product, it gets frequent updates on the latest issues and errors. Its tech community helps newcomers to enter and learn the framework. There are more than 50+ videos that new software developers can quickly learn from and improve their application development skills.

7. Fast UI Coding

Flutter uses widgets for the development process, and this widget makes the designing process even easier and faster. Developers can design their layout or customize the widgets from the existing building blocks. One widget can get wrapped with the other.

8. Add Value To Business

The flutter developer community is vast, so finding experts will not be an issue. The framework is famous among giant companies, which proves its compatibility and flexibility. Flutter saves time as UI does not change from platform to platform. It provides a high-quality user experience, and this help to attract more investors, which means it adds value to the business.

9. Can Go Beyond Mobile Apps

Flutter framework is not limited to mobile apps; it can be used for web and desktop application development. Flutter version 2.0 was released on March 2021, focusing on web and desktop app development. The framework can work on six different applications at the same time simultaneously.

10. Fast Testing

Flutter also has three categories in testing, i.e., unit, integration, and widget test. However, it takes much less time to test, as the framework only needs to check on a single codebase with no change to run on different platforms. The testing and checking process is done only once, saving the tester’s time.

Top Industries Using Flutter For Mobile App Development


According to GitHub, Flutter is one of the fastest-growing repo on its lists. The framework got a new upgrade on March 2021 with the version of Flutter 2.0. Some famous companies using Flutter for their mobile app development are Xianyu by Alibaba, My BMW, New York Times, Google Ads, Dream11, and many others.

So, the question is, what is the future of Flutter?

After its successful journey and massive popularity in the past few years, it is very sure that Flutter will rise in the future. Being a Google product, businesses can rely on the framework, and it will keep on updating the toolkit to make the application development process even more accessible. Due to its simplicity and power, Flutter will continue to be in demand soon.

If you are looking for Flutter mobile app development services for your next project, you should connect with GlanceSys Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. mobile app developers.

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