7 Best Local SEO Tips To Improve The Real Estate Business

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7 Best Local SEO Tips To Improve The Real Estate Business

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Regarding Google ranking, SEO is the first thing that comes to mind when ranking on the top search results page. Owning a website is not a big deal in this digital world. However, ranking on the top search engine results page is something that every online business is fighting for. It applies to the real estate industry as well.

If your customers search your products and services online and cannot find your site, they could land in your competitor's business. The real estate industry is vast and highly competitive; therefore, local SEO is your solution if you are trying to reach your customers locally or nationally. 

You can rank your business on top search results with real estate SEO services or hire your SEO team to optimize your site. Also, you can keep on reading this blog.

This blog will discuss the 7 best local SEO tips to improve the real estate business

SEO Audit

SEO audit helps you to find out how your site is performing and on which pages or sections it requires an improvement. The audit process is time-consuming, as it serves as a benchmark and shows you a roadmap in which direction your business needs to lead. 

It also helps you to find out which pages need more attention and how issues can be solved before it's too late. For SEO audit, you can either use an SEO company to handle your website or employ your own team for SEO. 

Optimize Your Website

Once all the data is collected, which part of the website needs improvements, you can proceed with the optimization of the website. The optimization process starts with content optimization, SEO-friendly URLs, metadata, broken links, inbound, outbound links, etc. 

After optimizing your website, your real estate website will get more visitors and convert them into potential buyers. Ultimately, it will help you to achieve your business goals.

Check Mobile-friendly

It is well-known that more than half of the global citizens use mobile devices to search for any query online. This shows the importance of a mobile-friendly website for your real estate business. 

Mobile-friendly website means responsive web design, less loading speed, user-friendly, easy navigation, and more. If you want to expand or gain more customers to your business, then a mobile-friendly site will establish your website's credibility and trust.

Get Google 3-Pack 

Registered in Google 3 pack will help your business rank at the top of the local search results, which increases the possibility of ranking your business in the top three local search results. More visibility means vast organic traffic and more revenue. Your Google My Business lets you provide your customers with information about the business. 

Your listing can be directly interlinked with your business website and a physical address, making it easier for users to reach you. Once your Google My Business account is created, ensure that your site is up to date with proper SEO for real estate, and you are in the race.

List On Local Directories

Search engines check the authenticity of every website before delivering information to your users, meaning that crawlers also study your business's citation on local directories. Therefore, listing your business in the local directories is very important for SEO services in the real estate business. 

If you have a website, your site might already be on many directories; however, ensure that there are no broken links or outdated content on your website. 

Find the local directories and list your website with your proper physical address. A local listing will help you quickly and easily reach your targeted audience. Providing exact addresses and contact details will lead your business to success. 

If you want to succeed locally in your real estate business, then listing your business in local directories can not be ignored. 

Active On Social Media

Social Media may not be as effective as SEO for real estate businesses; however, it plays an essential role in digital marketing. Your social media presence will help your business gain more users to your website, keep updating the latest information, connect with a targeted audience, and more.

Also, you can create a blog section on your website and share them on your social media platforms. Sharing your content via blogs will help you to reach a wide range of customers locally and nationally. 

It is unnecessary to cover all the social media platforms; however, having a count on the high-demand platforms is enough. Rather than Facebook, including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is a good option. 

Focus On Local Search

Once all the optimization process is done, it's time to focus on new sections like local search optimization. 

Most of the real estate business focuses on a specific local region. Therefore you need to focus on local search results. Expert data has proven that over 70% of Google traffic comes from mobile users. 

With the help of Google Analytics, you can find out how your keywords are working and check whether it is hitting the targeted audience or not. Research for the most searched local keywords in your area. For example, if you are based in Andheri, Mumbai, use a famous keyword such as "best real estate agencies in Andheri Mumbai." Use such keywords to get maximum qualified leads. 


SEO strategy is not like you have applied to your website and forgot it. As internet usage is increasing rapidly, search engines are upgrading their algorithms; therefore, keep your real estate website updated per the latest algorithm guidelines. 

However, your website optimization is the most crucial part of your real estate business if you want to grow online. You can easily follow the tips mentioned earlier for local SEO to improve your real estate business, or you may also hire SEO for real estate company who can help and provide you with the best solutions for your website. 



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