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Best Mobile App Development Ideas for Healthcare Industry Startups in 2022-2023

Muskan Tongia, Content Writter


The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly every year. Leading to which healthcare app development has also increased. One significant change over the years is the transition to digitalization. To some extent, it is one of the results of pandemics, and to some degree, since people have become more educated and tech-savvy and require simpler and faster medical services. Ever wondered, Why You Need To Build A Healthcare App For Your Business? It is because the Healthcare industry incorporates every one of the businesses offering healthcare services to patients, medical services, manufacturing medical equipment, mobile app development for healthcare, etc. 

A trusted verification process gives an impression of a safe platform and high-class work of engineers. The application can gain access from various accounts with two-factor authentication (using email, phone number, SMS or Google Authenticator, or other ways). When you wish to develop an application for any purpose, various requirements need to be fulfilled either by you or a mobile app development company. Payment Integration, UI/UX Design, Offline Access, Cross-platform Accessibility, Security, 3rd Party Integrations, and Push notifications.

Top 10 Healthcare Application Ideas

As it is always said, 'Health is Wealth,' so it is important to consider people's health and well-being. Developing healthcare applications can prove to be a great help for this vision. Hence, top Healthcare app ideas can help you start a new venture.

1. Get A Doctor Just One Click Away 

Some people have no clue, yet there is a way people can connect with a certified doctor anytime and anywhere. Here, we are discussing the on-demand doctor apps. One of the useful apps for this solution is Doctor On Demand. This platform permits people to get remote care and medical facilities without visiting the clinic or hospital. Doctor On Demand will help patients set up their profiles, look at various doctors, provide the required services, and take consultations.

2. Live Healthy With Diet Tracking App

Everyone needs to be fit from fat, and diet tracking applications are here to serve clients the required services. According to research, there is a lot of scope for your diet tracking app as more and more people are getting fitness conscious. The ideal diet tracking app should assist clients in monitoring their daily food intake, vitamins, nutrient calculations, calories, etc. The app is designed to keep track of users' eating habits and then accordingly suggest what is missing and what can be cut back. 

3. Medical Record - Get All Details In One App

A medical record application can be considered a diary application that gives health record facilities to patients to save them for future purposes. Users can use these records whenever they want and at any place to provide details to their doctors. With this, doctors can understand patients' past health and suggest medicines based on that. Ideally, Medical Record applications must have a personalized reminder for medications, real-time help to patients registered, vital drug warnings, and so on.

4. Say Hi To New E-prescription 

E-Prescriptions work hand-in-hand with the medicine delivery apps. An e-prescription app is known to store patients' data and coordinate with the systems of hospitals and doctors. The app offers easy medical conflict discussions between doctors and patients. Many applications are already available that give this benefit. E-prescription Applications must have price comparison services of pharmacies for the users to pick the cheaper one, medical services based on prescriptions, and many more features.

5. Online Therapy At Your Home

Online Therapy apps permit patients to consult their therapists or doctors effectively. The app offers services like calling and texting to connect with experts. Such apps assist patients who do not feel comfortable discussing their medical problems with doctors in person. Ideally, these apps must permit patients to freely share their health issues with doctors. Features like appointment reminders, scheduled appointments, video and audio text, connecting with the right therapist, etc., must be added to the app.

6. Get A Physiotherapist Anytime Anywhere

On-request physiotherapist apps have brought a lot of comfort to the market. The application allows patients to book an appointment with a nearby physiotherapist anytime and anywhere. Clients can pick a Physiotherapist with the best ratings and reviews. Besides, they can plan an appointment and make online payments. These applications must aim to boost the quality of care. Ideally, these must-have app features improve patient satisfaction and increase patient consistency. It should likewise offer doctor-patient communication and accessible patient education.

7. VR Meditation - Helps To Stay Calm

One of the most outstanding healthcare app ideas is a meditation app controlled by virtual reality. You can add various features to your meditation application to add an extra element. Some can be 360-degree recordings, calming sound management, choosing a specific climate, background area management, etc. These applications must have music, stories, and meditations to help users sleep better and have less anxiety.

8. Health Tracker - Way Towards Healthy Life

Health Tracking apps are helpful for clients to follow their day-to-day activities. It additionally offers services like essential health data collection, including heart rate, sleep rate, weight loss, etc. Proper market research is a crucial step toward health-tracking app development. These applications must be designed to permit your loved ones from the phone book to connect to the application. It should also offer mindfulness tactics, health tracking facilities, and meditation exercises.

9. One Click Away - Pharmacy Delivery Application

Pharmacy delivery apps are on-demand applications that give delivery services to pharmacies. This app allows patients to get their medications delivered to their doorstep without visiting the store. The app provides an advantage to high-risk people who can't reach the store by themselves to make the purchase. A one-stop Pharmacy Delivery Application must offer on-request medicine delivery services to purchasers. It benefits purchasing medicines online, online doctor consultations, diagnostics, telehealth, etc.

10. Women's Well-Being Is Our Priority

Both women and men have different health requests as the menstrual cycle plays an essential part in the physical aspects of women. Developing an app for women's well-being is one of the most thoughtful healthcare application ideas. You can get an app that keeps track of the menstrual course and shows the most secure fertile days for pregnancy management and intercourse. The app must be a tracker app that functions as an asset for its clients' well-being. It generates shareable reports and reminders, delivers health education, etc.


These were the top 10 healthcare app ideas that might be useful to you. Many healthcare mobile app development companies are investing in these projects. Now, to conclude, let's know about a few advantages of healthcare app development that benefit their clients:

  • A helpful approach to accessing and managing the health record of patients.
  • An efficient strategy that gives smooth interaction between doctors and patients.
  • An incredible way of decreasing healthcare costs.
  • A helpful tool and mobile app development services for collecting medical information.
  • Further enhances efficiency and improves the speed of healthcare delivery.
  • A supportive approach to increasing medical knowledge and awareness of the patients.
  • An easier method for tracking down experts and reaching out to them.

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