Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

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Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Can you imagine a mobile application that understands the user’s behavior, likes/dislikes, interests, preferences, and many other factors, so that the app responds automatically? For example, the mobile app automatically shifts the mode from general to vibrate, when the user is working on his laptop. Or the gaming app sends notifications like information about the upcoming game, new updates, their score, possibilities, etc.


Mobile applications can notify the users of the latest discounts and special offers based on their previous shopping history and their interests. Every business can notify their customers through mobile apps, this is not a fantasy anymore. The advancement in the mobile app development process has become possible due to business intelligence.


In this blog, we will discuss business intelligence in mobile apps, its benefits, stages, challenges, solutions, and how to implement it in the mobile app development process.


First, let’s understand what exactly business intelligence is in the mobile app development process and why it is in demand these days?

What is Business Intelligence in Mobile Apps?

In the world of mobile apps, business intelligence is known as an expert that processes the data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into plans. With the help of technologies, BI help for gathering, analyzing, storing, and providing access to data to help organizations make better business decisions.


Business intelligence in mobile apps is like a genie, who knows exactly what his master wants, what is better for him, and offers the best solutions. It is in demand in the mobile app development process as it makes the user experience very convenient, and also, helps businesses to perform smoothly.


Business intelligence can be used in two different ways: the analyzed data can be used to make a customized user experience or the data can be sent to the management team to offer better services to its end-user.

The Two Basic Types of Business Intelligence

Strategic Business Intelligence

Otherwise called auto- delivered intelligence, it is a sort of business knowledge that is connected with creating reports from the information storeroom or information source. It betters the business processes by breaking down predetermined datasets which are pertinent to the particular cycle and offers an authentic viewpoint of information. Moreover, the essential insight model offers a base for arranging, objective setting, determining, etc.


Strategic BI underscores showing the result in graphs and outlines to show the opportunities, patterns, and problem spots. It runs on these below-mentioned boundaries:

  • Assembling and storing the information
  • Improving information for investigation
  • Recognizing key business drivers
  • Looking for replies to crucial business questions

Operational Business Intelligence

This sort of business insight is connected with the functional and value-based information source. One method for recognizing this type is to check whether information that is created from the examination straightforwardly helps complete a functional job. Operational BI offers pertinent, time-touchy data to the activity directors and forefront clients confronting representatives to help them in their ordinary cycles.


Since the operational BI is intensely task-centered there is less requirement for graphs and charts. An illustration of this should be visible if somebody in the functional area has any desire to illuminate a part regarding the client overdue, a chart won't function admirably. What they would require is a short message.


This is the justification for why specialized gadgets like text, email, dashboard, and so forth assume a critical part in operational BI. The result that one gets from functional business insight comprises timetables, solicitations, delivery archives, and budget statements.

Benefits of Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Intelligent Information Collection

Business intelligence helps businesses to customize and streamline the data which were collected and analyzed, based on their business needs. Analytics is a great example of BI, which can modify the user experience based on their activities.

Smart Decision Making

Data curated with the business intelligence in mobile apps help businesses to make smart and wise decisions in real-time. For example, if brands will find out their user’s behavior then they can plan their marketing campaigns.

Competitive Edge

With business intelligence, organizations can get the right information at the right time and stay ahead with a competitive edge. It helps to find out the loopholes, shortcomings, weaknesses, and strengths, which helps organizations to upgrade their business strategy with new tactics.

Enhanced Productivity

Business intelligence in mobile apps can be a productivity enhancer for both users and creators. The app will help to understand the users more appropriately and can bring the changes that perfectly meet their needs and demands. Similarly, management can offer the services in different situations with different strategies to attract more customers to meet their expectations.

Stunning Customer Satisfaction

The foundation of every company is customer satisfaction, and with business intelligence, it has become even easier. Knowing the insights into customers’ interests, needs, and demands, companies can create mobile applications that satisfy their overall needs.

Revenue Boost

The data collected by the business intelligence of a mobile app will help to make a smart decision, which reflects directly on customer satisfaction and profit boost. Knowing the insights of the mobile users, organizations can set a strategy for how to offer the best solutions that they were missing before, this will help to boost the revenue.

Challenges of Business Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Network Stability

For business intelligence and mobile apps to work simultaneously, the network in the devices should be high-speed, fast, and reliable, with a stable network it will be easy to get the desired data which can be utilized further to smoothen the business functions. The network plays an important role in the key functions of business intelligence in mobile apps. Network hindrance is mostly seen in remote areas, where the usage of data is very low.


In certain cases, business intelligence is implemented to a certain size of users and to a limited extent, in such cases if the usage of users gets increased, the mobile app might crash sometimes. Organizations should offer scalable business intelligence in the mobile app so that sudden usage does not harm the app.

Hardware Capability

Hardware capability is the most critical challenge that can impact the usage of business intelligence in mobile apps. If the devices are not capable of implementing business intelligence, then the entire process of data collecting, analyzing, storing, and processing would hamper the whole management process.

Solutions of Business Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Every mobile device can be used to collect the data and work on it. The only difference is that every device's screen is not the same. Some data get represented very easily on some devices, while on other devices the data does not get displayed properly.


There are various ways to implement the content on mobile devices and the most common ways are:

Web Page: Every mobile device has a web browser that can access every web page. Due to some factors, the access page quality might be very good, terrible, or acceptable. In such a case, BI developers need to check how their content is responding on mobile devices while creating reports and other features.  


HTML5 Site: Similar to a web page, however with some advanced improvements. HTML5 allows RIA (rich internet application) content to be displayed all over the mobile device without depending upon ownership.


Native App: There are some web applications that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. The mobile device’s application software is customized with its OS. It is known as the most expensive solution provided by manufacturers to implement business intelligence in the mobile app development process. 

The Key Business Intelligence Trends in 2022


Data governance

It is the method involved in making a blueprint for dealing with the corporate information resource which incorporates design, processes, and functional framework. It shapes a base on which business-wide information the board happens. The production of data governance, while having been viewed as a good-to-have process, will develop to turn into a high-priority component in a BI design for an organization to be agreeable with the regulations.

Associated cloud

It's undeniably true that the fate of a business, particularly concerning information, lies in the cloud. In the future, we will see all the BI components going from information sources, information models, processing power, and so on moving to the cloud. One more aspect of this would be that organizations will find it challenging to get a size fit answer for their assortment of BI needs. This is where the idea of associated cloud techniques will come into demand.

An associated cloud methodology will turn into an incredible way to deal with present adaptability and lower the dangers implied in the business examination.

Self-service BI interfaces

Business partners have generally raised their uneasiness against unbending, complex BI examination apparatuses and the high functional expense of employing a specialist BI master. This worry has prompted the appearance of self-administration BI interfaces. These stages empower organizations to deal with the BI assignments with no extra specialized help.


With additional organizations intending to utilize the BI highlights for advancing information-driven culture, the BI pattern is simply ready to fill in the years to come.

Data Quality Management

Data is the work of any business and a vital part of business insight endeavors' prosperity. Be that as it may, to really make it work for you, the nature of information is essential. With information sources getting intertwined with each passing moment, it is critical to have a decent information quality administration process set up. Work toward this path is what we can hope to turn into a pattern in the approaching time.

Wrapping it up!

If you are looking for a partner who can build a powerful mobile app with business intelligence for higher ROI, and offer the best user experience, then, we at GlanceSys can offer exactly what you are looking for. With more than 5+ years of experience in providing mobile app development services with IoT, machine learning, and business intelligence, we can understand your business needs and suggest the best solution.


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