Celebrating the 20th Anniversary With The Launch Of A New Version Of Google News

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Google Celebrating the 20th Anniversary With The Launch Of A New Version Of Google News

Muskan Tongia, Content Writter


Google has finally made changes to its Google News desktop interface to celebrate its 20th anniversary with this good initiative. The new plan was started recently, which gives its users the choice to personally customize their feed by showing local news, top stories, and personalized picks at the top of the page.


The increase in mobile devices, social media, apps, news websites, and notifications all over the world helps people to have more ways of getting news than earlier facilities. Google News gives individuals a basic method to cut short all the noise and effectively figure out what's significant in their locality and worldwide. From local to regional news outlets to national and global points of view, Google News launches diverse journalism to assist us with understanding our world in a better way.


Our vision for Google News revolves around gaining access to local news, addressing misinformation while protecting the open web, and providing access to various sources. With this new update and feature, its users will finally be able to find all the essential news. Reader's feedback on the previous design of Google news started the new Google News update on the desktop. The users of Google News can add multiple locations to the 'Local News' partition side by clicking on the settings button situated quite visibly on the right of the header.


Now the Google News Template will offer various news categories, for example, science, health, business, politics, world issues, etc. This news section has been shifted to a menu bar at the top of the screen which was earlier on the left-hand side making it one of the most important changes done with this new launch. Users can customize the subjects on the page to make the Google News desktop design look more arranged and neat. In short, the updated design, which we saw Google testing sometime before, puts customized local news, recommendations, and famous stories at the front of the Google News homepage, as claimed by Google.


Now, a local news box can be seen in the upper right corner of the Google News homepage. It simplifies for users to find local news that gains their interest. You can now discover local news of places you like while not again going to the homepage by utilizing the new filter choice, which allows you to add various news to your news section. As claimed by Google, this assists local newsmakers with getting more visitors and visibility from the search engine.


Having news access goes past people's everyday experiences - it's about searching for ways to help the news business succeed. Through the Google News launch, Google joins with news distributors and publishers worldwide to develop a diverse, long-lasting, and creative news industry. Google does this by offering programs, training, products, and funding to newsrooms and journalists to assist them with strengthening their work in this digital age.


One of the primary objectives is to expand the business of various publications worldwide. As a component of that work, Google is formally opening the applications for their Global News Equity Fund, which is their multi-million dollar commitment to assist with delivering more significant equity and diversity to the news business. Independent writers and medium-sized and small news organizations delivering unique news for minority and uninvolved audiences are qualified for funding to support and expand their news operations.


Moreover, Google has improved the Face Check part in Google News by including the 'About This Result', additional context, original claim, and independent company evaluations. By choosing the customize button, you may now adjust the subjects that Google News shows for you. You might utilize the slider tool to add, delete, or reorganize issues. To assist you with making more appropriate decisions about the information you come across on the internet, Google extended its Fact Check section on the Google News desktop to give additional background info. In addition to headlines, you'll finally see the first claim made alongside the fact-checked assessment from independent organizations.


This is one of the multiple ways Google is helping to support media education. You can find more information about sources on your Google Search, which is called About This Result. Close to related Search results, you'll see three dots that you can tap to find out about the outcome and where the data is coming from. You can follow expert suggestions to check the source and see what others say regarding a subject that is interesting to you. They also help you come to conclusions with more appropriate decisions about the websites you might need to visit and what actions can be helpful.


Google News - Back in Spain


Google has restarted Google News in Spain, 8 years after it had to do so by Spanish law and regulation. People discussed this earlier, and finally, the arrival of the Google News redesign with full functionality in Spain has been completed. Google said that this is an outcome of new copyright law, and they trust that the arrival of Google News in Spain helps more individuals and more news from different places and helps new readers and publishers. Spanish speakers can finally see Google News without any restrictions. 


At this point, when Google updates the look or UI of Google News or Search, as we noted when we initially saw the makeover, it might affect how noticeable a website is and the number of individuals that click on it to go through it. Consider the benefits and risks of future changes to the Google News interface considering these user experience testing. The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years - how individuals learn and look for information and how news organizations cover the news has changed with it. At Google, they are committed to working with governments, publishers, and everyday society to build a future of the news that meets the new ways individuals search for and consume information. Moreover, Google News appeared on September 22, 2002, so they are marking the 20-year milestone.



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