How E-shop Help You To Run Business In Covid Crisis

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How E-shop Help You To Run Business In Covid Crisis

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


The impact of the Covid crisis is known to everyone. The crisis has hit very hard not only on personal lives but also on businesses both small and large.  However, many businesses have even raised up and earned a lot during the pandemic. All thanks to high-speed internet and advanced technologies. 

As per the records, the e-shop has helped many small businesses and startups to survive the Covid crisis. In fact, they have performed really well as compared to e-commerce giants. The sales through e-shops have risen up to 60% during the pandemic. 

The Covid situation has made many businesses move online and they have found a new way to survive in the industry. They have digitalized either by creating an e-shop or with the help of e-commerce giants. Creating an e-shop means your products and services are online, where every customer can avail of your services locally and globally. Customers who have internet access to your website become potential customers. 

An E-shop is a cost-effective option for both customers and you. Without an online presence, very few businesses can survive easily, however, the situation is not the same for all businesses.

If you are still not sure whether to launch your business online or not, have a look at the below-mentioned points, which might change your point of view on E-shop.


The actual cost of a website is cheaper than that of offline businesses, as the whole process of your business is automated online. Here, you will save expenses of offline promotions such as newspaper promotions, template distribution, electricity bills, rents, etc. 

Running an e-shop is much easier to expand and reach out to your customers in a short span. You cannot reach a wide range of audiences in offline business, while online business can help you to reach out to loyal customers whenever you want. For example, in email marketing, you don't cost any to send updates on your business.

E-shop is cost-effective and easy to establish. This is the reason why many businesses have moved towards getting online and learned to survive in the Covid-crisis.

Efficient Online Promotion

Online promotion is the most efficient form of marketing for your business. You can effectively inform about new arrivals, discounts, combos, branches, or wish them on special occasions. You will save your employee training amount here, as it is the most basic and easy process of any E-commerce business.

In online promotion, you not only promote particular products but also, can personalize customers’ experiences from their buying history. With the help of different online data of the customers, you can create your marketing campaigns more effective and engaging.

The products and services that you are serving in your hometown can be served globally, which has helped many small businesses to operate their business from home during the pandemic time.

Increase Your Reach

You don't need millions to attract clients to your online business. The most important part is to make your E-shop look beautiful, attractive, and useful. Either you just have to be creative or hand over the online work to a well-known organization, which will help you to increase your business reach. 

Get established online by the most basic step, which is creating a website. A website is like your brand image, which represents you. It will help you to reach a wide audience and make an online presence within a few months. To get an e-commerce store you can take the service of an e-commerce development company

Businesses have even done very well just by promoting their services through social media platforms. Social media is another effective form of online business.


E-shop businesses are very effective as they allow you to determine which of your products and services are selling out successfully. Products’ availability can be tracked before they move out of the stocks. However, these successful products will help you to develop a large range of product sales through your online presence. 

It will help you to grow your business in terms of sales, profits, and goodwill. The secret of a successful E-shop business is scaling your products so that you can bring variations in the product ranges. This will also help you to monitor your products. 

Businesses have monitored their work process online and helped them to rise and earn more profits.

Easy Navigation

Only focusing on E-Shop website design will not work, without easy navigation, it will not run successfully. Your products should be categorized so systematically that your customers find out the product as per the title, size, color, group, and many such factors. To bring more engagement to the products, you can add videos and charts explaining how to use the product and inspire the customers to buy it.

Customers should easily give and check reviews of the products. You have to be very clever about where to display the negative comments on your website.

When everyone was stuck at home, with nowhere to go, the easy navigation system of E-shop has helped them reach a wide range of audiences and deliver the products on time.

24/7 Services

E-shop means it is a 24/7 service provider, which means your customers can buy your products while you are sleeping. This will help your business to increase customers on a regular basis. 

Online shopping is the new trend and its market demand is continuously growing after the Covid crisis. It offers the customers to buy the products at a flexible hour and at their convenience. 

Actually, E-shop or online businesses, which were to be trending in 2023 got boomed 2 years prior because of the Covid crisis.

Better Customer Relationship

Businesses providing flexible services like they can buy the products from anywhere, at any time will help you to grow E-shop services. As a result, this will help to make a better relationship with the existing customers and they will be your loyal customers as well.

Once customers like your online services they will keep on returning to your business and will promote your business too. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. 

For example, Zomato has released a report in a blogpost that Biryani is the most ordered food in 2021, which means due to better customer relationship between both the restaurants and Zomato has made it happen. 

When physical touch is not available in an E-shop business, the only way to build a better customer relationship is by offering them discounts, coupons, on-time delivery, easy returns, etc. 

Less Time Consumption

E-shop businesses do not require continuous-time investments, build your website payment gateways with the help of 3rd party integration, which will help to manage the transaction process very easily. No need to keep on spying about the payment status, once orders get placed, you will get notified. 

This only helps businesses by saving time in order placement, as the main task starts after the orders are placed. The best part is that businesses get time to focus on other parts, such as trending products and how to promote the business with other tactics.

Higher ROI

E-commerce or online businesses require very less investments as compared to physical ones. Today the businesses which are not online are facing issues running them, and at the time of the Covid crisis, many businesses got shut down due to their offline functions. In fact, many small businesses and startups are starting their business online just by creating an E-shop and promoting it on social media platforms.

E-shop businesses give a high return on investments, as the internet is much cheaper than offline. You may cost a bit more if ads and campaigns get to run. Though, it gives a higher ROI.

Many businesses have earned higher than their investments when they started an online business. This is the reason why E-shop has helped businesses to run in the Covid crisis.


All of the above-mentioned components have helped businesses to survive with the help of E-shop in the Covid crisis. Many companies have raised exponentially with the introduction of an E-shop. It is the peak point for your business to upgrade before you miss out on a huge opportunity. 

If you are wondering how to bring your business to an E-shop, then it's very simple, just hire a well-known online services provider like Glancesys. Where you will get an R&D team, web designers & developers, also, digital marketers all-in-one services in one place. 

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