Things To Avoid While Developing Your Mobile App

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Things To Avoid While Developing Your Mobile App

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Developing a great mobile app with unique features is not an easy task. Not everyone is lucky to have an app that perfectly matches their business concept. This is the reason why most of the apps get uninstalled after their first usage.

Have you ever thought of the online seller Amazon platform instead of their platform? What makes them trust such a platform with various similar services?


The simple answer is that the app is compatible with different devices, user-friendly has easy navigation, and has an easy checkout process. Therefore, you must develop a custom mobile app for your customers to keep them engaged, happy, and loyal.


Throughout the year many businesses have built custom mobile apps to serve their customers, unfortunately, not all businesses get a chance to meet their customer’s needs. This is because most of them use the development tactics of their competitors, despite setting their app development strategies.


If you ask us why?


The answer is very simple. Every business has a different vision, mission, goals, audiences, and challenges accordingly. Therefore, developing a clone mobile app for your customers is never a good option, instead, you can develop a custom mobile app.

Rise Of Smartphones And Mobile Apps:

With the high demand for smartphones, mobile apps have an opportunity to serve customers’ specific purposes. It is a path to reach a wide range of customers without worrying about their geological locations and can create new business opportunities.

However, is it as easy to build a mobile app as we think? Unfortunately not. Developing a custom mobile app needs a lot of time, focus, strategy, focus, and flexibility as there are various changing trends that you need to pay attention to adopt.

A custom mobile app benefits businesses in establishing their online presence and making them futuristic.

Let’s dive deep into the blog to find out the mistakes to avoid while developing the mobile app.


What to keep in mind before developing a custom mobile application:

  • How can I add value to the customer’s life?
  • Will my app be useful to my customers?
  • How to attract more customers?


Despite the complexity and usage, mobile app features can be divided into two parts-

  • Customer-centric
  • Business-centric

Customer-centric Mobile App Features:

Customer is the priority in the customer-centric mobile app development process. To keep customers engaged for a long period, developers build this type of application. Some of its features include:

  • Engaging designs
  • User-friendly UI and UX
  • Meets user expectations based on their behavior
  • Stable and reliable work process
  • Offers data security
  • Easy and quick access to the service desk

Business-centric Mobile App Features:

Business-centric mobile app features focus more on retaining customers and offering a great shopping experience with full security. Some of its features include:

  • User retention
  • Easy payment gateways
  • Data safety from hackers
  • Better adaptability
  • Low maintenance cost

Things To Avoid While Developing Your Mobile App

Developing a custom mobile application requires a strong strategy to plan its vision and mission. The main part is that it should fulfill the customer’s needs otherwise it would just be an app in the play store. Therefore, business owners need to take all the precautions to develop a successful mobile app. Here are some mistakes to avoid while mobile app development that many businesses do.


  1. Lack of research
  2. Not identifying the need 
  3. Insufficient budgets
  4. Poor UI and UX
  5. Unrealistic expectations
  6. Too many features and functionalities
  7. Not developing cross-platform applications
  8. Unplanned marketing strategy
  9. Not doing proper app testing

1. Lack of Research

Assuming the benefits of a custom mobile app for your business and proceeding further to develop it might be a terrible blunder.

Always remember that every business has different requirements, motives, audiences, and targets to stay ahead in the race with their competitors. Therefore, if you lack thorough research before going for the custom mobile app development process, you will only end up with disappointment and waste of your time and money.

A well-researched market study will help you to understand your audience's requirements and demands, along with their online behavior. Hence, you can customize the app to fulfill the customer's needs.

2. Not Identifying The Need

Would you offer chicken to a vegan? It would be senseless, right! Similarly, if you don’t have users to install your mobile app and use it, which means it is just a waste of your resources in developing a world-class mobile app.

Most companies carry a great motive to serve the customers, however due to lack of identifying the need of their customers and well-researched leads to failure. It is a fact that custom mobile app development requires time, money, and resources, which cannot be wasted on wrong app development.

Identifying the needs of the users is the most crucial part of app development.  You need to know whether the app will fulfill the needs of the customers or not, also, the app should retain even more customers. 

3. Insufficient Budgets

This is one of the common mistakes in the mobile app development process that people/companies make.

Mobile app development means you need a whole team of developers, designers, researchers, marketing experts, and project managers. The development process might require a few weeks, months, or even a few months, based on the features and complexity of the app.

Another fact is that mobile technology is changing with time and getting even more advanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), which leads to more complexity and unexpected budgets.


Of course, there are some cheapest ways available in the market to develop mobile apps, however, success and great results are not guaranteed. The cheapest way means developers will develop a clone app of other companies, without many functions and features, which is not a good option.

Therefore, if you want to go for a great mobile application development then you need to set your budget first and then look out for hiring the development team.

4. Poor UI and UX

Do you know that mobile users are impatient and uninstall the app if its loading time is more than the average time? Here, are some of the UI/UX stats that you should know:

  • Mobile users are 5X more likely to switch the app if it’s not optimized.
  • Almost 60% of the mobile app users would not recommend the app with a bad user experience.
  • 90% of the major actions are taken from mobile apps like purchasing and contacting the business.

This shows how crucial applications are to make a business successful. It means your app needs to offer the best UI/UX to sustain itself in the market.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

The business objectives need to be clear so that you do not think of unrealistic expectations from the mobile app.

No matter if your business functions are similar to various giant companies, you cannot expect the same ROI in your budget. A giant company means huge budget plans, which are not possible to fulfill in a limited plan. It is better to avoid unrealistic expectations.

Unclear and changing features will end up in meeting the business objectives. It will also affect the budget, development, delivery, and employee morale. 

6. Too Many Features And Functionalities

It’s great to create a custom app for your business, however, it does not mean you have to add all the features like other apps.

Adding too many features and functionalities might lead to confusion for your users. Remember, your business has its purpose. In reality, many businesses try to replicate their competitors and add many features which confuse their users.

Adding new features will add up to the cost, which might consume more time in the development process. Therefore, it’s better to add limited features which fulfill the main purpose of your business and if required you can add some more features later on. 

7. Not Developing Cross-Platform Applications

Not developing your mobile application on the cross-platform is one of the most common mistakes in the mobile app development process. Previously, businesses used to develop their mobile apps on the native platform. However, today the situation has changed and it is better to have an app on a cross-platform.

Cross-platform mobile applications will help you to focus on a wide range of audiences and you can reach the potential customer from each platform, i.e. Android and iOS.

8. Unplanned App Marketing Strategy

One of the common mistakes in the mobile app development process is an unplanned app marketing strategy.

If app design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance are one side of the coin, then marketing your app is the other side. Marketing will create awareness of the mobile app and make people download it and use it for their needs.

In the fast-changing marketing strategy, it is necessary to stay ahead of all and adopt the changes to make your app successful. However, if the app fails to retain more customers then it will lead to failure.

9. Not Doing Proper Testing

Remember, the first impression is the last. What does it mean? Simply, you have to give your 100% before uploading the app to the play store. You cannot take a chance to leave a negative impression on your customer, which will directly affect your brand. And when you are new in the business, then, you cannot take a risk.

Not doing proper app testing would result in losing customer trust and business opportunities. Make sure that after every development phase you conduct testing over various types of devices to check their compatibility. 

How to develop a perfect mobile app for your business?

Internal resource assessment is the first thing a business must do before developing a custom mobile app. If you are lacking something in the resources then you can go for the best development team and hire them, collaborating with a mobile app development company would be a valid option to develop a mobile app within budget, time, and with great features.

An experienced company with years of experience can offer you the best custom mobile app development tend-to-end services, such as consultation, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance with full security. 







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