Top Website Design Trends to Dominate in 2022

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Top Website Design Trends to Dominate in 2022

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Today we live in a fast-growing technological world, it is huge to stay updated with every new web design trend to keep websites more engaging and interesting. Users are also looking beyond attractive web design such as loading time, accessibility, and responsiveness. 

In the present scenario, companies need to be more innovative with their web design to convert website visitors to loyal customers. 

With the support of our experienced web designers, we have come up with "Top Website Design Trends to Dominate in 2022".

Simple and Modern Minimalism

Minimalism design is known as the creative design with the concept of 'less is more, which is attracting today's web designers. Previously, they were maximalists over past years, but now they have moved towards fancy designs with simple, clean, and bold designs.  Minimalism design also carries a few color combinations i.e one or two. The minimalist site offers maximum appeal benefits with less load time and better compatibility among screen sizes.

Glass Morphism

Glass Morphism is the trending web design element, which is gaining popularity continuously. It offers a glassy, transparent look to the web designs, where users can see through the layers. Commonly used for web and mobile app design, it's now focusing on the mainstream. It has reinvented itself with modern fonts, shapes, and colors to keep the web design fresh and new.

Isometric Graphics

Isometric graphic design is the hottest trend that will dominate the web design world in 2022. The design was introduced back in the 1980s, to create video games. In isometric design, all images are kept either on the right or 30 degrees, which means 3D structures can be shown very clearly and realistic. This type of graphic is used on many websites, infographics, and logos. This design looks like a simple yet very creative marketing approach. 

Embedded Videos on Homepages

Videos on Homepages are in demand these days, as it is the easiest way to represent your business in a few seconds. Designers are adopting moving images and videos to grab users’ attention and introduce them to the website. 

A good piece of video can educate visitors within a few seconds and convince them to stay a bit longer on the website. The web design process is getting all the new updates with time, and all the credit goes to high-speed internet services.

We believe in 2022, we will get to see even more upgraded and engaging web designs with background videos.

Smart Content Load

User interface and experience are considered the most important factors for website success. Most websites perform slowly, due to heavy usage of graphics and third-party elements. Here, designers need to use smart content and designs that consume less loading time and represent what users want to see.

The smart content load technique is used by many social media platforms for a long time. Adopting this technique will decrease your web content loading time. It will also lead to consuming fewer resources on your website and give a good ROI.

Mobile-Friendly Approach

Half of the search queries are done from smartphones, this shows how a mobile-friendly approach plays a vital role to create a great web design. No matter the size of images, texts, or videos, every piece of information should be interconnected with each other on different devices, screens, tablets, or smartphones. 

Dark and Light Mode Toggle

Dark and light modes are among the greatest revolutions in web design that are getting users’ attention. This mode needs to be focused on in 2022 to stay ahead of the competitors. Also, designers are increasing this new mode, which allows the users to switch the mode from light to dark to increase contrast and make pastels and neon pop. 

Social media giants like WhatsApp, Meta, and Instagram are using this dark and light mode in their designs. The purpose of this trend is far more than just boosting the visibility of different elements.

It is also proven that websites providing customization with user experience will stay on trend in 2022 as well, in fact, the demand will only grow.

Overlapping Design Elements

In web design, every element sits in its own space, surrounded by white space so that users can enjoy each element at one time while they scroll down. In modern web design, all the elements overlap and do not stay in the same container. This design trend will help to develop professional and organized websites which tackle every component easily. 

So, where should you be more careful in this design? While adopting this design it is easy to compromise your website's readability. Designers should be careful that the website does not lose its readability and maintain effectiveness.

Complex Typography

Choosing the right fonts for a web, app, or product is very important to make a website successful. Brands normally prefer consistency in their font, so customers recognize the brand with that particular font. For example, Google uses Roboto font. 

People basically do not read all the content, they scroll and scan the website a lot more. This is the reason why businesses should focus more on their designs and fonts. Using complex typography will help the website grab users’ attention and convey the message to them through its designs.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

In today's digital world, to grab visitors' attention the titles should be powerful yet curious. It should be able to snatch users’ attention so that they stay a bit longer on the website and go for the content. Titles with bold and attractive fonts will work here. Therefore, this will always be on trending today and forever.


There are quite a few promising web design technologies that remain trending every year, as the designs keep on upgrading as per the new technology. The digital world is fast-changing and huge, so to stay ahead of all, you need a well-designed website with trending designs.


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