Who is using Kotlin? Find out which top companies is using Kotlin

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Who is using Kotlin? Top companies using Kotlin

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Google announced Kotlin as the official language of Android in 2017. Since its official introduction, it is continuously gaining its popularity among the developers and IT communities. 

Kotlin is Java interoperable and a JVM compatible language which is sponsored by Google for developing Android Applications. 

The usage of Kotlin based Android apps has increased from 2.4% to 5.4%, which is 130% of overall population usage growth. The increment in the usage of the Kotlin programming language has made it the second most popular JVM language, which is quite surprising.

Around 7.78% of the world’s population developers use Kotlin programming language as their primary coding language. As per the reports, Kotlin is used 96% for new projects and 36% for migrating to Kotlin. 

In this article, we will discuss the top companies that are using Kotlin Programming language for Android App Development.

However, before that let's find out Kotlin's benefits, so that you can adapt them for your App development process.

Why are companies moving from Java to Kotlin programming language?

Benefits of Kotlin Programming Language

If you want your business app, and looking for an Android programming language, then you can opt for Kotlin Programming language. Or in case your business app is already built on Java, but you want to migrate to Kotlin, then you can easily do it, as it is interoperable with Java. The best part is you can easily shift Java code to Kotlin, and vice versa, or you can mix Java and Kotlin codes as well. 

  • Mass Adoption

Even though Kotlin is a new Android App programming language, it is becoming popular among various companies. Whether the new one or the established one, all the companies are migrating to adopt the Kotlin programming language for Android App development.

  • Concise

The great advantage of Kotlin is that programmers can solve the same bugs in fewer lines of code, which is half of the Java programming language. Due to its few code lines, it reduces real-time and compile-time errors. 

  • Java Compatible

Kotlin frameworks are mostly compatible with Java, including some advanced frameworks. Both Java & Kotlin can be used in the same project, as most of the Java libraries are used in the Kotlin development process. This is a huge advantage for Kotlin developers, as they did not require learning a new language.

  • Smarter and Safer Compiler

The main goal of Kotlin developers while developing this programming language was to add a smarter and safer compiler. It helps to detect errors very easily at the compile-time, not at the run-time. 

  • Easy Maintenance

Kotlin is known as a one-stop language for Android App development, as it supports a lot of IDEs, Android Studio included. Hereby, developers can run Kotlin code with their existing tools. 

Here are top companies using Kotlin


Google has revealed Kotlin as the first programming language for its Android App Development. Most of the Google products will be based on Kotlin and will improve with the Kotlin experience. Also, Google is promoting Kotlin through Android KTX, Online courses, Official documentation, and Kotlin-friendly SDK.


Pinterest, the photo-sharing app's first preferred programming language is Kotlin. As the language has made Pinterest developers write the codes easily and quickly, resulting in less time. Migrating from Java to Kotlin has given the best results to its users and developers. 


Trello is a collaboration tool used by millions of users all over the world to maintain the records of projects via boards. Anyone from anywhere can manage the Trello boards conveniently. The app is working on Kotlin to offer new features and leverage the benefits it has to offer to its users.


Evernote uses Kotlin over Java in its Android app for stability, speed, and clarity. It is a well-known application designed to take notes and manage tasks.


Slack, is a business communication app developed by Slack Technologies. The app helps the team members of an organization to connect with each other individually, group, or private chat room. Slack also uses Kotlin for its Android app.


Tinder is a well-known dating and geosocial networking platform, known for its approaches to connecting new people and dating. Tinder is using Kotlin for the Android app, for its concise and quick code architecture.


Netflix’s well-known entertainment streaming platform is using 100% Kotlin programming language for its application. At present, Netflix has 183 million paid users across 190 countries.


Airbnb is one of the leading platforms for tourism packages, homestays, hostels, and lodging. This platform also uses Kotlin for a seamless experience in a new framework (MvRx).


Zomato, Indian food delivery, and restaurant finder applications have 80 million monthly active users. The app is based on the Kotlin programming language, as it provides easy and concise code for Android App development.


E-commerce giant Amazon adopted Kotlin programming language for its Prime Video Profiles. As Prime videos offer separate recommendations, a Watchlist, and season progress, its developers decided to move to Kotlin from Java, to provide its users with new microservices.


Kotlin offers plenty of benefits, this is the reason why giant companies are shifting from Java to Kotlin programming language. Kotlin offers fast solutions and improves the app's performance. So, what's stopping you from shifting to Kotlin? Shift your business to Kotlin to experience its smooth and swift journey. In case you are looking for an Android Mobile App Development company for your brand, contact a reputable company. 

We at Glancesys will guide and assist your business needs with a team of market researchers and tech experts.


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