Why choose React Js for your Project?

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Why choose React Js for your Project?

Suranjana Patar, Content Writter


Front-end development technologies are highly in demand, due to their rich features. Many tools and frameworks get released on a daily basis, which may create confusion in choosing the best front-end development framework for your next project.


When it comes to the front-end development framework, Angular is the first preference among those business owners who want to turn their vision into reality. However, there is another powerful front-end development framework named React Js.


There are many benefits why you should go for React Js for your next project and one of the best reasons is that it uses JavaScript. React Js runs its libraries on JavaScript, which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.


React Js is known as one of the best frameworks of JavaScript. In this blog, we will find out its benefits and why you should include it in your next project.


First, let’s find out what React Js is.

What is React Js?

React Js was created and is maintained by Meta. It is a free and open-source framework used to create frontend web applications with user-interface components. It is popularly used to develop scalable, simple, and fast web applications.


Recat.Js was firstly used in 2013 and it is a library rather than a programming language. It is one of the most common and favorite frameworks among front-end developers, therefore it ranks at the top, whereas, Angular.Js rank in the 9th position in the same list.


At present, there are 2,29,174 Live websites built on React Js. As mentioned above it is a mostly used framework, over 3,204 companies are using this framework, which includes Meta, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, and many giant companies.


So, if you are thinking of React Js for your next project then it will be a wise decision to make.

Key Benefits of React Js

React Js offers multiple benefits. Let’s find out its key benefits and understand why it is a programmer's first choice when it comes to front-end libraries.

  • Speed

React offers flexibility in the development process both on the client-side and server-side, which boosts the development speed. It means that different developers can work on different parts of the website to speed up the development process without harming the logic of the website.

  • Flexibility

Compared to other front-end frameworks, React Js code is easier to understand and maintain, and the credit goes to its DOM structure. This flexible feature saves development time and cost.

  • Performance

React Js was designed with the concept of DOM to offer high performance to the front-end development process with a better user experience.

  • Usability

React Js offers very easy and simple coding that developers with some basic knowledge of JavaScript can easily deploy a project. For Java developers, learning React Js is a very easy task and one can learn it within a day or two.

  • Reusable Components

One of the great benefits of React Js is that its code can be reused. It saves developers time and effort as they don’t have to rewrite the code for each application with the same features. The best part is, that if the code changes in any part of the application, the other part does not get affected.

  • Mobile app development

If you have thought that React Js is only for web development, then you are absolutely wrong. Being Facebook’s framework, it got a new upgrade, which means it can be used in the mobile app development processes too, which is for both native applications on Android and iOS platforms.

Now that you have come to know about the key benefits of React Js, now let’s move forward with why you should choose React Js for your next project.

Reasons why you should consider React Js for your next project

From the above-mentioned benefits points, it might be pretty clear why you should go for React Js for your next project. However, if it is a bit confusing then here are some more reasons to choose React Js for the front-end development process.

  • Rich User-interfaces

The secret behind a successful application is its user interface. The easier user interfaces the more usage of the app, which ultimately leads to its success. Application with a poor user interface leads to more bounce rate which leaves a negative impact.

Applications with an easy user interface will lead you to your success. The good part is that Recat.Js offers rich features with an easy user interface and helps you to build a high-quality app.

  • Custom Components

React Js comes with JSX components, it is a syntax extension, which allows mixing the code of HTML with JavaScript. The mix of the codes makes React Js write their own components and due to HTML, the coding becomes easier with a delightful experience for its developers.

  • More Productivity

As informed earlier, React Js code can be re-used if the features of the application are similar to each other. This helps the developers to focus on other factors to offer the best application with great features.

  • Fast Rendering

Before creating a high-profile and complex application, it becomes important to define the structure of the app so that every minor change can be tracked. The concept of DOM (tree-structured) helps developers to test all the changes and to calculate the risk with each change.

  • SEO-friendly

React Js offers web applications with SEO-friendly features, which is one of the reasons behind a successful app. It offers less loading time, as compared to other frameworks, which means the chances to get ranked at the top of the search engine result pages. 

  • Useful Developer Toolkit

Learning new technologies and adopting them with daily projects can be fun and beneficial, however, if someone knows how to use them in the right way. To implement this Meta has introduced React Js with React dev tools and Chrome dev tools. These tools have helped React developers find out the parent and child components in the development process.

  • Strong Community Support

React has huge community support, which is the main reason why you can trust the framework. In case, React developers get stuck in between the development process, then they can get support from expert online communities like blogs, articles, online Q&A groups, and YouTube. The more huge community means more reliability.

  • Better Code Stability

React Js follows a downward data flow structure, which means that the parent structure does not get affected by the changes in the child structure. It means that if one part of the app gets modifications, the other part remains as it is. This offers better code stability with the smooth functioning of the app.

  • Trusted by many Giant Companies

Still, in dilemma whether to pick React Js or not?

Here are some of the top companies that are using React Js as front-end development technologies in both web and app. They are Meta, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, New York Times, etc. You can imagine if these giant companies are using React Js it means that it is a reliable technology, which means you can go for it.

  • Testing and Functionality

React Js is not only known for its performance but also known for its testing applications which offer great functionality. The development of a design that is easier to test. This framework makes the testing process easier as it offers testing in different aspects, such as unit testing, functional testing, and integration testing.

When not to use React Js in your Project?

Though React Js has much to offer in the web development process, there are some situations when you should not consider React Js. For a simple and static web app, it will be too high profile, which is not necessary for a simple project. Here are some of the situations when you should not consider React Js in your next project.


Static Website: Static website does not require much content as compared to the dynamic one. So, if you are planning for a static website then it’s better to avoid React Js.


Complex Admin Panels: React Js is not a good option for complex admin panels. The backend framework will better suit this situation, as it requires less code to build typical admin panel elements.


With this, we have come to an end of this blog. Hope you have got the reasons why you should pick React Js for your next project. However, if you are still confused then you can take consultation services from us today.

GalnceSys have a team of React Js experts with years of experience, who will suggest you better solutions for your next project. 


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