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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is Effective From 2021

As a company, we focus on building and retaining trust with its audience. We ensure that you have a sense of security when you visit our website or use our web services. Throughout our time as a web development company, we have adhered to the notion of transparency, integrity, and efficiency while serving our clients. The major aspect of this policy is to help you understand how we collect data, use it and how it may be shared.

The Glancesys privacy policy is formulated to maintain a trust-bonded relation with our audience. Our privacy policy implements how we collect and use the personal information that is recorded or given by someone when they visit our website. In the given privacy policy “we” and “our” are references to ‘Glancesys information technology private limited’ while “you” refers to any individual who uses our website or services

What will be Considered as Personal Information?

Personal information refers to any information that can be used to identify, locate, or contact you, it can be either used independently or can be combined with other identifying information. Here, personal information does not indicate any information lawfully extracted from government records or otherwise any aggregated information.

This privacy policy will enlist the personal information that our website is prone to collect as well as our purpose to extract this information.

Potential Uses of Our Site and Services

This website and all the consecutive tools and services on the website are owned by Glancesys Information technology private limited. By visiting our website you accept the practices described in the policy. The policy is applicable to the use of our website and services which are directly linked to this policy.

By using the Glancesys site and services included in this policy, you approve of the policy. If you do not approve of this privacy policy you should refrain from using our site and services. By accepting and using Glanscesys site and policy you agree to the terms and conditions explained in this policy.

Notice of Collection

Through this policy, we would like to inform you that we collect information actively and passively, and seldom obtain information from third-party sources. When you use our sites and services, we often require you to provide personally identifiable information when you take specific actions like registering for the website, subscribing to our newsletter, and seeking interaction with us. Additionally, when you operate our site and services, the servers acquire personally identifiable information in order to ensure that that website is operative effectively for the users.

Cookies\ Web Beacons, Analytics Information

We use cookies, pixel tag, local storage, and other technologies to automatically collect information when using our services or visit our website. These come in the form of small data files that help us gather essential information when you visit our websites or interact with our services.

Information from Other Sources

We may render information about you from third-party services and organizations to back information that is provided by you. If you access our services through a third-party platform, we might collect substantial information from these sources. Information segregated from these sources might include a user name, user identification number, user name, location, birth date, email, etc. This information is to verify the information you have provided so that we can serve you efficiently with our services.

Our Use of Your Personal Data

Our company may use the information collected from you under the following circumstances:-

To connect with you and provide you with essential services-

  1. Delivering services that are asked of us.
  2. To maintain customer relations and support.
  3. To communicate with you, to enlighten you about our services.
  4. Managing our business.
  5. To improve our services and working practices over time.
  6. Protecting against any fraudulent or vicious activity.
  7. Constantly improve our services.
  8. Enforcing our terms and conditions
  9. Undertaking necessary research to upgrade technologies and other practices.
  10. To verify your identity in order to avoid fraud.
Disclosure of Your Information to the Third Parties

We might share your personal data with third parties in ways that are mentioned in this privacy policy.

  1. To Affiliate and service providers.
  2. Contractors - third party contractors may have access to your personal data.
  3. Under a confidentiality agreement.
  4. Business partners.
  5. Disclosure to protect us or others.
  6. with your consent.
How We Use Automatic Collection Technologies

What are Automatic Collection Technologies:

Glanscys, as well as other third parties that provide content and other relevant information, may use tools like cookies, pixel tags, local storage, and other sources to improve advanced security or to improve the functionality.

We Use These Technologies for the Following Categories-
  1. Operationally necessary - the technologies that allow you to access our services, applications, and numerous tools that are necessary to monitor the site behavior, prevent fraud, and improve security to allow functionality.
  2. Performance-related - to keep a steady check on the performance of our services along with the analytical approach to administrate how the visitor uses our services.
  3. Functionality related - our company is prone to use technologies that help us improve functionality while providing our services. This will include monitoring your activities while you are on our website and keep track of your preferences.

Our services congregate publicly accessible blogs, forums, social media pages, and interpersonal conversations through messaging. By using our services you are aware that your personal data might be used by third parties for numerous reasons. Additionally, our site might contain social media buttons such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be present on our website. These features are prone to collect your IP address and administrate activities you perform on our site.

Our website might use third-party APIs and software development kits to improve the functionality aspect of the website.

Accuracy of Personal Data

We collect information after identifying the purpose and how will it benefit our company. Furthermore, the collection of information is limited to the purpose identifies by the company. Until you consent, or demanded lawfully the information will be used for the purpose for which it was originally collected. If there is a need to use your data for other purposes it will be done by asking for your consent.

The data will remain with us, for as long as it is required to fulfil a particular purpose. Your data might also be retained to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforcement of our agreement.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

We ensure that the data collected by us is accurate. And, for that, we expect that our users share appropriate data with us and inform us about relevant information or any subsequent changes.

Your Access to and Updating of Your Personal Data

Users might get reasonable access to their personal data if requested by the company. The company might provide the user with a timeframe in which it will deliver the requested information. If you want us to delete any information it can be done through request, while we might hold information that is required for the upkeep of our functionality.

Choices We Offer in the Handling of Your Data

We provide choices to our users on how can we use their personal data. You can withdraw any given consent over your data at any given time, by bringing your concerns to our notice. Even after you withdraw your consent, we will be able to access your non-personal information, regarding your activities and for other legal purposes that are described in this policy.

Your Privacy Rights

Based on the legal processing of where you reside, you might be able to access additional rights, applicable to you under the presiding law.

Right of erasure- you might be able to eradicate your data completely if the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled. However, certain information might be proposed for retention by the company for record-keeping purposes, or to comply with any legal obligations, among other things.

Objection to processing- the users will have absolute right over objection, in terms of processing of their personal data, including the right to opt-in or out of the transfer of personal data to third parties or abandoning all sorts of marketing communication.

Restriction of Processing

You can request restrictions over the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances, especially in situations where you feel that the data obtained by us is inaccurate or unlawfully held.

In order to obtain your rights, you might have to contact our team representatives so that we can take the necessary actions to fulfill your requests.

Children’s Privacy

Based on the nature of our business and the services we offer, we believe that it is not intended for minors. We do not intend to collect any information from users who fall under the minor category. For all the parents and guardians it is a request that you contact us directly in the case, such information has been shared through us via our website. If any such information has been collected immediate actions will be taken to restore order and terminate the information.

Change to Our Policy

Our company might make amends to this privacy policy at any time and replace it with a new and revised privacy policy. You are accountable to review this policy periodically based on the continuous use of this website and our services, which represents your agreement with the current privacy policy.

Contacting Us

Our website contains the necessary means through which you can contact us, which includes our residents, email address, and social media handles. For more information about this privacy policy, please visit our Contact Us page or email us at contact@glancesys.com


By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms and Conditions.