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Marketing is all about staying relevant and adding value and we know the secret to being relevant in the new age. We are a passionate digital marketing company in Indore, India, and we believe in giving you a quality of services that stands out and is never forgotten. Our responsibility is to provide you with premium quality marketing solutions that give your business remarkable growth. We aspire to provide you with advertising, content marketing, and SEO services that will boost your market share internationally.

We engage worldwide ventures and organizations to accomplish this through imaginative substance, customized crusade creation with the board, and 360-degree online standing administration utilizing manpower.

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Digital Marketing Services in Indore, India

We aim for understanding the customers so well that the service fits the clients and sells itself. Glancesys digital marketing company in Indore, India, provides its clients with the strategies to hone in their marketing budget and expand their market share across all channels. We have all in one insisting on a marketing solution that drives your business to greater heights. We perform a large set of activities from discovering your potential competitors to allocating marketing sources to align traffic to your website. We focus on competitive analysis to stay ahead of the marketing game.


Content is the king and soul of every business and without content, it’s impossible to reflect your vision. Great impacts are made when quality content is served. We make it possible by transforming your ideas into enterprise-grade content creation solutions that reach the heart of the audience. We serve the exact unique and quality content that the user asked for. We aim for quality content that generates leads as well as assurance. We have highly skilled content writers to make your content reach the heart of your audience.

PPC Campaigns

Pay per click is termed as the payment made by any user to make the website visible on any web page and that helps you earn and generate leads. We assure you of the best PPC solution. We work on some of the best platforms that can help boost your ROI. We offer you PPC Campaigns that are cost-effective to support your finances. Being the best digital marketing services in Indore, India, we work mostly on the latest and fastest-growing PPC platforms like Google Adwords and Adroll.


Search engine optimization is the activity of driving traffic to your website by listing your site on web pages which automatically enhance your website visibility thus attracting prospective customers and clients. At GlanceSys Technology digital marketing company in Indore, India, all our clients are awarded the best search engine optimization services ranging from page speed navigation, keyword research, and competitors’ analysis website searches to on and off-page optimization leading it to enhanced user experiences and user friendly.

Social Media

We at Glancesys digital marketing company in Indore, India, aim towards observing and improving help to more readily comprehend results at each stage before executing future missions.

We assist organizations withdrawing in with powerhouses like distributors, writers, bloggers to support inclusion for your online media content.

We have aptitude in introducing pre-planned emergency and heightening arrangements SMM specialists arrange different web-based media challenges to adequately draw in B2B and B2C clients by dynamic support.

Hire Content Writer

To meet various project needs for any size of the business, GlanceSys offers full-time, part-time and hourly hiring for dedicated development projects. Have a look at the engagement models that results in meeting various business demands.

Dedicated Team for Your Project
Dedicated Team for Your Project

Once you engage with us, we will ensure that every hired resource or a team will give undivided attention to the quality development and delivery of your project.

Quality Delivery in Timeline
Quality Delivery in Timeline

Our end-to-end project management practice, daily and weekly reports and technical experts will help you to deliver the project in time with high-quality standards.

Extremely Affordable Cost
Extremely Affordable Cost

Our software development cost is budget-friendly, as we have set various rates so that all forms of business can easily afford it.

World-wide satisfied clients
World-wide satisfied clients

Serving globally, we have gained satisfied and happy customers all over the world.

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Digital Marketing

August 16th, 2022

How To Design An Effective Content Marketing Strategy By Choosing The Right KPIs?

From search engines to social media, the content you make is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. It is evident that engaging, and superior quality content affects crowd decision-making more than any other method. Although, sharing, publishing, and creating content isn't the end - you really have to develop an opportunity to foster a content marketing technique to guarantee your content works for your customers as well as for you.

Many businesses utilize content management software to follow an efficient way to deal with structuring and managing the content on their site, yet content marketing is likewise critical as it helps in estimating the performance of that content.

Evaluating your content performance through significant metrics will give you a system to survey your progress. In any case, how would you choose the right KPIs to plan a powerful content marketing procedure? While there is no rigid rule for deciding content KPIs, there are some things you want to consider.

In this blog, we'll walk you through a portion of the elements that influence which metrics you ought to pick and assist you with focusing on the KPIs that make the biggest difference in your content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Strategy

Significance Of Content Marketing For A Business

One major difference between content marketing from conventional promotional content is that it permits organizations to exhibit their products, as well as their expertise, without showing overly promotional. The following are a few reasons why content marketing is important for a business:

1. Draws in New Clients:

At the point when content is composed well, your content will function as a giant magnet and start attracting potential clients/customers. Also, the content ought to be relevant to your customers to make them interested in your business.

2. Increment in Followers on Social Media:

Content marketing and Social media sites are a perfect pair. Utilizing social media to distribute your content will assist with attracting new individuals to your profiles and cause them to connect with your content.

3. Improve Search Engine Rankings With Optimized Content:

Search engine optimization depends vigorously on content marketing. By developing content relevant to your industry, you improve the probability of a search engine showing your content to searchers.

4. Upgrades Visibility:

By utilizing content marketing, organizations can drive more individuals to their product pages and sites. High-quality and relevant content creates domain authority on the keywords that your company needs to rank for in search engines, which builds brand awareness.

5. Increases Sales:

Your content assists your customers in associating with you and gives them the data expected to make educated purchases. A content marketing strategy that is well-executed can expand a business' deals and sales alongside building long-term and good relationships with clients.

6. More Effective Than Conventional Marketing:

Content marketing is more targeted, and detailed, and can be utilized to introduce your brand's message before your customers which helps them. When contrasted with conventional types of marketing, content marketing helps assemble customer connections and produces altogether more leads.

Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing technique is basically your "who, why, and how." It's about why you are making content, who will profit from it, and how it will help readers in a manner no other person can. In this manner, while making a content marketing plan, the following components must be remembered:

1. Brand Identity Rules:

Making and utilizing a remarkable brand book will assist with building a consistent voice and tone across numerous channels and resources that your business utilizes.

2. Marketing Goals:

To arrive at your marketing goals, you want to characterize targets that are measurable, specific, reachable, time-bound, and relevant.

3. Target Customer's Journey and Profiles:

Try to understand your audience and foster customer personas to adjust your content procedure to the addressable necessities of your target market.

4. Curation Process of Content:

An optimized content creation process delivers more content efficiently and effectively from less information. Characterize resource allocation and team responsibilities, coordinate content resources in a library, and creatively reuse content to make the most out of your content marketing endeavors.

5. Content Schedule:

A content schedule will help you plan and adhere to a steady content distributing plan. It can incorporate information data about the content time of posting, format, channels, and so forth.

6. Different Kinds of Content:

Figure out the types of content that you'll come up with for your marketing strategy. These can incorporate videos, social media posts, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, infographics, and some more.

7. Data Analysis and Collection:

The content that you distribute across numerous stages gathers information and data that can demonstrate value for breaking down execution during the time spent fostering a compelling content marketing strategy. There are numerous analytical tools accessible that assist in estimating the performance and outcome of the content distributed online empowering you to further develop your content marketing endeavors.


A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that is utilized to track and measure your progress toward meeting a particular business objective. It is an approach to estimating the effectiveness of a company and represents a bunch of quantifiable measurements used to check an organization's performance in the long term.

Content KPIs are capable of breaking or making your content marketing endeavors. It's significant to decide your content marketing KPIs from the beginning, as well as how you'll report and measure them. Tracking and choosing content marketing KPIs will assist with contenting advertisers to produce reports that show numbers.

Certainly, you can adhere to the basics and use Google Analytics to perceive the number of individuals that visit your site and which countries they're from. So, what you truly need are more point-by-point strategies for measuring the performance of your content. There are various content marketing KPIs that are easy to follow.

With the information that you get from these KPIs, you can change your strategy to meet up to the expectations of your clients and make content that they will consume in a good manner. In addition, by measuring the right KPIs, you'll have the option to recognize the points that will separate your content from rivals.

Things to consider prior to choosing your content marketing KPI

1. Must Connect Business Goals to KPIs 

Map specific business objectives to content metrics and KPIs. Decide how a specific metric or content KPI ties with an immediate business goal as well as the other way around.

2. Be Fluid in Laying Out Content KPIs

Be fluid in laying out content KPIs. To match business objectives, evaluate information, look for and track down insights, investigate new pieces of an ongoing project, and reveal new stories inside your data.

3. Connect Off-site and On-site Metrics

Connect your off-site metrics (social media) and on-site metrics (blog or website).

4. Be Imaginative in Changing Over Data Into Experiences

Be imaginative in changing over your information into significant business insights. Urge yourself to ponder your data and how you can utilize information insights in new ways.

5. Take Prompt Action on Your Metrics, KPIs, and Data

Metrics, KPIs, and data are helpful just when you make a move on them. Your bits of knowledge will show you where an issue or opportunity could exist, and you can accomplish your objectives just when you make a move accordingly.

6. Examine Small Data and Macro Trends

Remember to examine small data and Macro trends. Evaluating your information down to the URL level can uncover how well your content endeavors are performing, especially when those page-level metrics are extended to bigger segments and themes of your digital assets.

7. Don't Pursue the Wrong KPIs

Try not to pursue some wrong metrics and KPIs. As you focus on your metrics, remember a reasonable balance between the results you are probably going to accomplish and the endeavors you really want to place in for that reason.

8. Use Good Tools to Examine Data

Work smart - Using the best analytical software would be a brilliant move toward accomplishing business objectives, execution, and information and can be the critical connection in interpreting information into significant bits of knowledge.

Ways to Choose Appropriate KPIs

1. Think About the Product Goals, Business, and User

To pick the best key performance pointers, you should initially understand your client and the business objectives that your product serves. The item objectives are measurable advantages or results that your item ought to accomplish. For example, if your item generates revenue, net/revenue benefit is a key pointer.

2. Use Ranges and Ratios

Use ranges and ratios rather than numbers to determine your objectives. For example, instead of saying that a product must make an income of X sum in a year, say that the product must build the organization's revenue by 10-15%.

3. Utilize Quantitative and Qualitative KPIs

Quantitative KPIs, for example, the income generated, various users in a month, or various newsletter signups got in a quarter are intended to measure the quantity of something rather than the quality. Though qualitative KPIs assist you with understanding the reason why something has occurred, for instance, client feedback received for a specific item.

4. Leverage Trends

Compare the data you give to other time spans, competitors, or user groups, for instance, profit increase over the half-year or cancellation rates from one quarter to another. This empowers you to distinguish patterns. For example, it helps you in deciding if the income is expanding, stable, or declining.

Things to Avoid When Working With Content KPIs

1. Not Linking Your Strategy To KPIs

KPIs are just valuable when they are lined up with your strategy and assist you with settling on crucial business choices. Anything else is just window dressing. In case your KPIs are not connected to your strategy, you'll essentially be burning through your time and cash gathering information that won't help the business.

2. Engaging In Vanity Metrics

Metrics like the number of posts or likes got on a stick, site visits, and so forth are simply numbers. More significant numbers in the form of retweets, likes, or comments could appear to be rewarding, however, they look bad over the long run. They'll simply remove your concentration from the significant metrics that are important in pursuing informed item choices.

3. Failed Actions On KPI Results

KPIs can shape procedures and give fact-based decision-making inside companies - however, provided that organizations follow up on them. Eventually, it doesn't make any difference how well you've adjusted your KPIs to your strategy or how well you present the important KPIs if they aren't utilized as planned.

4. Set Realistic Targets

A ton of industry-specific metrics and target benchmarks are accessible on the internet. Utilize these benchmarks to comfort yourself, however at that point set the objectives that are practical and reachable for your group, particularly with regard to defining objectives for content marketing for small businesses.


Today is the Right Time To Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy


In the present online marketplace, standing apart from the group is more troublesome than at any other time. Also, this is precisely where content marketing can help: by getting your business seen and directing your customers through the sales channel. The way that 82% of advertisers are putting effectively in content curation and content management software says a lot about its power.

The rise of content marketing is a consequence of changes in the manner buyers interact with brands on the websites, as well as rising assumptions for digital experiences. As of now, you would already have an online presence, however, it is at this point not adequate. The competition is furious and engaging your ideal interest group with consistent social media blog posts, websites, and updates is exceptionally vital for coming out on top in the race nowadays.

You could see executing a robust content marketing procedure to be profoundly costly and tedious. Running against the norm, assuming you utilize the right innovation and strategies, content marketing techniques can yield greater venture returns significantly quicker.


For each business, development is a definitive objective. Content KPIs help you measure and keep tabs on your scale and progress logically in a way that matters to your company. Choosing KPIs for your content marketing strategy doesn't need to be ambiguous or intimidating. Go with thoroughly examined choices utilizing the information available to you, and consistently utilize a technique. Match your KPIs to your actions and consider what you can genuinely achieve!

Having the right heap of software and tech tools will permit you to more readily manage and follow your KPIs. From content ideation to creation to advancement on social media channels - there are many CMS software accessible to take care of business better, simpler, and more effectively.




Digital Marketing

August 8th, 2022

Are Subscription-Based & Open-Source Apps, The Future of Social Media?

The various Social media sites have been around at least since the mid-2000s, and throughout the course of the past 2 decades, they have without a doubt developed to overwhelm huge parts of our emotional, mental, and social lives. In its most recent report, the World Economic Forum expressed that the normal worldwide client spends around 2.5 hours daily on social media.

While these patterns might contrast generally across nations and societies, we can basically agree (with reference to the information and individual experience) that social media and Social Media Marketing play a serious part in our lives. Also, that is quite justifiable since mobile application development companies have been busy throughout recent decades making engaging applications that help us interact and connect better.

All things considered, as a bundle, social media applications are flawed, nor are they static. Like most technologies, these remain imperfect and are dependent upon future developments. As these applications keep on advancing, what is worth talking about is the way they can be possibly enhanced. On the whole, we should reveal the significant defects that exist in current social media applications.


Various Ways by Which Social Media Apps Make Money


Maybe an awesome (and generally disputable) approach to describing your normal social media income model is a well-known, frequently overused saying: You are the product if it's free. To be exact, it means that your data is the product. Social media organizations use user-generated information to better prevent and curate applicable advertisements to their clients. 

The way these organizations bring in cash, consequently, is through promotion. In any case, to maximize the income potential from promotions, organizations need to depend on broad data-mining practices, which, obviously, have prompted serious security issues in the past.

Therefore, clients are becoming progressively careful about these platforms, brands, and digital marketing. Not using Facebook, for example, is something individuals admire nowadays. The other drawback of an ad-based income model is that organizations have to maximize screen time to expand income. 

This is all worked by the creation and utilization of addictive (and some would try and agree to call it exploitative) algorithms. Social media applications are explicitly intended to be addictive. They hack into our psychology, taking advantage of our brains on a chemical level to guarantee we continue to scroll (likewise the justification for why all feeds are virtually endless).

The joined impact, all things considered, is that social media is starting to adversely affect society's psychological wellness all in all. In any case, fortunately, these difficulties and issues have advanced into a public talk. As we guess on the dangers and risks of present-day social media, we likewise open up the chance of addressing and developing them. All things considered, it may be worth talking about the ways by which present-day Social Media Marketing can be gotten to the next level. 

Pretty much every famous and leading social media platform today is free of cost for the average client. That is perfect for the platform's openness, but terrible for the organization's benefits. In this manner, social media organizations need to track down clever approaches to monetizing their products and items. What's more, taking into account how huge some of the major players in the space have gotten, clearly their ongoing monetization procedures are doing perfectly well.

Open-Source Application

As a matter of fact, the open-source social media apps and the social media marketing agency supporting them are dynamic and quite lively that you can easily find the required documentation and software connected with them. Due to this advantage, when an organization discusses the use cases of the business, they will use their networks to interact with the consumers or its team as it becomes easy to understand.

Successful business ventures generally will cover each perspective and give a total environment that incorporates both working and social. Hence, there are many free collaborative platforms where partners and clients can socialize with each other utilizing the business' own hosted social network tools very much like an option in contrast to renowned social platforms like Facebook. 

Open-Source Application Advantages 

  • In case the open algorithms can teach society the most proficient method to stay away from algorithmic-based apps, they could likewise possibly teach them how the algorithms exploit our brain research and keep us looking over. This is one of the major advantages. 
  • Open source social media can assist clients to make informed conclusions about the platforms they use, subsequently addressing a portion of the issues related to the present social media applications. They cater transparency to the user.
  • Assuming clients can't help contradicting an application's design principles, they can either propose changes or quit totally; yet essentially they know exactly what to do. That is only possible when organizations and applications are transparent and open algorithms permit them to do as such.
  • The commitment to an open-source social media platform is extremely rewarding. First off, such a venture would be without any trace of extensive data mining that most social applications today are guilty of. Also, transparent algorithms would free these platforms, dissolving the power combined in the hands of a few investors and dispersing it back to the general public.

These are enormous benefits for open-sourcing algorithms, however, that doesn't mean doing so doesn't accompany its own cons and difficulties.

Open-Source Application Disadvantages

  • Not every one of the open source applications is easy to utilize. The Graphical User Interface may not be easy to understand to the users. Tech-savvy individuals will actually be able to understand this interface. The source code present in open source software is allowed to edit free of cost. The issue comes when somebody exploits the code for their own benefit. While large numbers of them use it for working on the product, others could welcome vulnerabilities like malicious transfers and identity theft.
  • A few applications can't support both Subscription-Based software and open source software. In case Subscription-Based hardware needs to run on an open source machine, it needs third-party drivers. Nonetheless, that can't ensure that the hardware would work on the host machine.
  • Though open source software contains no cost, still it consists of certain hidden costs. Particularly with maintenance. In case you deal with any issues in the implementation cycle, third-party assistance might be required which could charge some amount. This is an issue for organizations that know nothing about the hidden costs.
  • Searching the required drivers for hardware parts is certainly not a simple task as the driver should be supporting the current operating system you are using. Consequently, another hardware part that is installed could fail to give its functionalities. While utilizing open source software, encountering technical issues is normal. 

Subscription-Based Social Media