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Backend development is the process of arranging data and assuring that the website works fine at the user end. Our designers work on a set of backend languages for programming to ensure that the user stays on your website for a longer duration.

Glancesys holds experience in taking backend challenges for various platforms using the right innovations assuring high-quality backend development services without disappointing the clients. With us, you can get proper execution and consistency of your website along with 100% assured scripting of the website which includes PHP, C++, Java, JavaScript, Node js, and many more.

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We use smart and concise codes to fulfill your IT requirements



Our coding is reusable just in case you want something more out of it



Using the perfect coding, we create wonder IT products for you



We use effective coding strategies that will keep your web apps stable

Backend Development Service

Node-Js App Development

We have experienced Node.js developers, UI/UX developers, and experts to assist you with making high-performing custom computerized solutions for your business. From giant business organizations to startups.

Our Javascript developers effectively use Node.JS to convey the most ideal programming solutions with the most extravagant technique, best execution, and easy-to-understand interface. We are effectively helping our worldwide clients across different businesses like banking, medical services, and many more to boost their productivity.

Php Development

We are a leading PHP web development organization, offering exclusive custom web applications with advanced features. Our PHP developers help develop dynamic versatile, high-end solutions ranging from flexible websites to multipurpose ERP designs and upgrades.

We provide various PHP development services including website development, web-based interface development, complex online business, and e-business solutions. We aim to work on a wide range of PHP development services that meet the quality standards and exclusive application, PWAs, SPA, cross-platform applications for various platforms.

Dot-Net Development

We present organizations with custom-made, strong, high-end .NET solutions across various platforms. As a leading .NET development company, we cautiously pick between multi-tier, microservices, and cloud-based design to ensure that they will suit the requirements of a specific application.

We work on frameworks such as SAP R/3, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, and SalesForce. Our experience allows us to derive strong solutions for Microsoft Windows and customized programming solutions for organizations of all categories from startups to established businesses.

Java Development

Our full-stack Java developers are continually working to deliver quality solutions. Including planning, arranging, testing, and fulfilling the necessities and requirements of our customers. We develop financial technology solutions for various B2B and B2C businesses. We give highly advanced and quick technological development for different business areas and have experience in making multi-layer web-based application technologies such as CMS for content management and personalization to help you generate maximum ROI.

We create a variety of software products that are exclusively made to deliver satisfactory results to the client.

Python Development

Our python development expert possesses upgraded knowledge in working on a wide scope of technologies, including Internet and web applications. We work in GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications, AI, and games. Our Python developers effectively use the language as it is easy to understand and takes less time to complete the associated task which further helps ineffective management. Glancesys uses python to deliver exclusive and cost-effective solutions which will directly improve your revenues and generate a high rate of return.

Rails Development

Rails is a dynamic, open-source programming language with an emphasis on efficiency. It has rich punctuation that is normal to use and simple to execute. Glancesys realizes the need of the hour and works on it.

The expressive punctuation rules of “ Ruby on Rails” empowers software developers to construct web applications by composing simple-to-understand code. Various developers choose Ruby to create models without investing additional energy. We work on Ruby which provides the framework and libraries ultimately helping in creating powerful and cost-effective web applications that deliver customer satisfaction through low maintenance and support.

Hire Developers

To meet various project needs for any size of the business, GlanceSys offers full-time, part-time and hourly hiring for dedicated development projects. Have a look at the engagement models that results in meeting various business demands.

Dedicated Team for Your Project
Dedicated Team for Your Project

Once you engage with us, we will ensure that every hired resource or a team will give undivided attention to the quality development and delivery of your project.

Quality Delivery in Timeline
Quality Delivery in Timeline

Our end-to-end project management practice, daily and weekly reports and technical experts will help you to deliver the project in time with high-quality standards.

Extremely Affordable Cost
Extremely Affordable Cost

Our software development cost is budget-friendly, as we have set various rates so that all forms of business can easily afford it.

World-wide satisfied clients
World-wide satisfied clients

Serving globally, we have gained satisfied and happy customers all over the world.

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Principles Creative Studio

Principles, LLC is a US-based branding firm that specializes in sophisticated virtual designs. We are a team of award-winning designers and developers that understand what can make or break a brand, giving importance to first impressions and visual aesthetics, giving you the power to bring your vision to life. Featured in several publications, invited to multiple podcasts, and servicing clients in over 20 industries - we can make your branding dreams come true. Click below and see for yourself.

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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The Designers Studio

The Designers studio aims to provide inspirational, career-focused education in interior design in the context of a new and broader way of thinking about the real value of design. We believe in a creative and open-minded approach to teaching, meaning that students can expect to be encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their projects. Opportunities for students to work closely with the wider community and contributions on closely related topics such as art, architecture, psychology and philosophy are included in our programmes wherever possible.

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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Randrax Inc. Is a US based premier manufacturer and supplier. Therefore, products are fairly priced, and we want to keep it that way. To prevent price gouging, we carefully screen our inquiries and are not publishing our prices on this website. They have sold high-quality products successfully in Europe and other countries, where they have had much better success in preventing the spread of the Corona virus. The company maintains R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Pennsylvania, where they work around the clock to achieve their high product quality.

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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The KA Collection

The KA Collection an online shopping experience that provides high quality apparel to plus sized women, with sizes ranging from XL to 5X. The KA Collection was created by K.A. herself. A plus size gal with an old soul and a love for even older music. You know, like somewhere between '72 and '95. She wanted to birth something that resembled who she was,and who those closest to her have always known her to be. Dope, classy, funny,stylish and musically in tune. Our pieces will prepare you for a day on the town or a hectic day at the office. Literally, The BEST of BOTH worlds.

Technologies used: shopify.
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infodeal is the right platform for you, where you can come seeking advice on what new technologies you should be investing in and what smartphone brand you should be bringing home.Our network of technology news publications attracts a targeted audience of buyers and information seekers who require timely technology-inclined reviews and well-grounded analysis. Based on thorough analyzing we pick out the best reviews and construct the greatest technology blogs for you to feed your information-thirsty brains.

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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Hinoda Trading Co. Ltd is one of the fastest growing global exporter and supplier of used and new machines or vehicles having its head office located in the city of Osaka, Japan. We offer and supply wide range of Japanese used vehicles from sedans to trucks, buses to tractors, heavy equipment to earth moving machines, wheel loaders to dump trucks, forklift to hydraulic excavator, crawler cranes to rough terrain cranes, farming equipment to industrial machines, injection molding machines to asphalt plants and above all we are one of the pioneers in supplying spare parts.

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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Being a one-stop local search engine in India, we have capitulated to bridge the gap between local business providers and consumers all across the country. We pledge to understand every detail of our user needs, thereby matching it to the right service professionals. With vast know-how of different industries, and having an experience in connecting many local businesses with the right customers, Haarway is pioneering India's online business community.. Whether it’s a search related to home, life or self, we have earned a reputation for connecting the consumers with reputed...

Technologies used: HTML, Wordpress , PHP, etc.
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Backend Frequently Asked Questions

Backend technology is basically used by software developers and coders. This technology deals with server-side operations, server logic, and CRUD functions with databases. Users can not access the backend side of any applications. All the web applications functions such as creating libraries, writing APIs, working with system components, and maintaining databases are performed in this technology.

JavaScript is the best backend technology to be used to develop E-commerce sites. Due to its versatility and dynamic capability, it has become the most popular and the best backend programming language. JavaScript is accepted by all browsers and can be used for both frontend and backend E-commerce development processes.

The backend technology is also known as server-side technology. It is the part of a website that cannot be seen by the users, only developers or coders can see how it really works. This technology is used for storing and organizing data and ensures that all the activities are performing well on the client side. The backend communicates with the frontend by sending and receiving information that gets displayed on the web pages.

PHP programming language is the most used backend technology. As per experts’ estimation, around 79.2% of web applications are using PHP as server-side applications.

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